Things that are the very first…

Tedi Palmer owner of Running with Infertility

So hi! This is my first blog post. If you are reading this, you know this is the beginning of hopefully a very magical and very inspiring journey for me.

My name is Tedi. My husband is Chase. We have 2 dogs, Hurley and Pepper. They are like our kids. We don’t have any kids (hence the name of the blog “running with infertility”), we treat our dogs like our children – though they don’t always listen to us, and always have food on the mind.

I wanted to write a blog that was about me. That sounded vain after I wrote it out… I wanted to write about 2 things that I am passionate about. Running/Exercise and Infertility.

I love running and just started back in 2012 after a friend said she wanted to run a race every month. I of course followed and decided to run a race a month for an entire year. I am SLOW! I am not fast at all and am working on trying to get faster. But I get injured a lot and need to incorporate strength training and more quality runs into my training.

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 5 years this month. The problem is not with me, but with him. I try to be open as possible about it, because I believe people NEED to know how widespread infertility is. It really is crazy how many people I personally know or who I have worked with that struggle with this.

I want this blog to be inspiring for those who are struggling and to know they are not alone in the journey. Because I have felt alone for a long time, and realized (for me anyways), that I needed to share the pain and joys I have, not keep them inside.

Since I also love running I want to post about my race experiences and the things I am doing to try and get better and faster. Hopefully this will keep me accountable.

So here goes my journey! 🙂

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