Things that are the DomiNATE race recap

This was my first race after running the Haunted Half back in October. One of my running friends told me about this race. We ran for this guy named Nate who has T3-T4 cancer in his sinuses. He just recently under went another surgery and they were able to save his eye!

There were a LOT of elite athletes there, runners from Sojourner’s Running Club, UVU’s cross country team, Mountain View cross country, and more that I can’t remember. It was incredible! I think there were  about 700+ runners who either ran or donated for Nate. It was such a great experience to run for him.


Me after the race
 It was so cold!
The Candy Bomber was there throwing candy for the kids!
Chase and I were so cold we needed some hot chocolate

I ran the 5k in 31:01, which is the fastest I think I have run a 5k in 2 years! There was even a hill towards the end of the race.

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