Things to not post on social media and my short run

I’ve been thinking about all the down and depressing things about infertility lately.. That “my life sucks” kinda feeling.

One of the depressing things is seeing baby pictures on Facebook, and Instagram, Pinterest, and even some of my favorite blogs too.

I see those a lot and I really hate that my friends/family post them. I sometimes wish I could just get off of a social media site and not have to deal with my friends and family posting pictures of their babies.

I mean what did we do before social media? I know that seems like a long long time ago, in fact it kinda was. It was about 2006 when I first found out about Facebook and before that I was on Myspace. Anyways, so before social media, we would get that baby announcement through the snail mail. We would get actual cards and letters through the mail and or we would wait to see pictures when we got back together with families.

Now, it’s the norm to see it plastered ALL over the web! People want to show off what they are proud of or they almost seem like they want to feel accepted by their peers. I have also found that people want to show how “happy” they are. I am totally at fault, not really that I want to show how “happy” I am, but that I just love to show off our trips to our friends and family. I’m sure they get jealous of the places we’ve been. But I get jealous of their life with kids.

I don’t think it will ever get better, and I may have to quit some of the social media until I can actually not feel as down and depressed. But at the same time I’ve found a lot of helpful things – I’m on several infertility support groups, I’m on running groups, etc. So until I quit those support groups I will keep feeling like I can’t quit it.

Enough of my tangent…

Here’s my run that I did tonight, it was only 2.09 miles. Ever since I ran the Halloween Half my calves have been in a lot of pain (super super tight) whenever I run. So I just wanted to see if they would still be tight – yep! They were and foam rollers are the best!

I ran with my reflective vest even though I was running on a sidewalk.
Since it was dusk, I ran with my headlight (even though it wasn’t on) cause the street lights were on. I was definitely slow! Trying to run with pain or cramps is hard for me to not try and run through. So I opted to walk/run.

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