Things that are Turkey Trot 2014 Race Recap

This year was my 3rd Annual Turkey run!

I had a lot of fun running the really flat course (seriously flat – it was awesome). I think that’s why I liked it so much, aside from running 4 miles. I ran it in 40:32, which surprised everyone (and me) that came to support me. They expected me in another 5 minutes. Which definitely made my day to see them cheering for me at the finish line!

My friend bought me this hat so we could be “twinner’s” at the turkey trot. She’s very sweet and it was fun to run with a turkey on my head! Surprisingly the hat didn’t bounce – which is something that I would have taken off if it had.

Later that day we all had turkey at our house. This happened to be my first year hosting.

Gotta love the candid shot of our family (can’t even see my mom). We had a joint family Thanksgiving. My family + Chase’s family. His mom was the one who encouraged it because it would have been the 4 of us and that would have been extra lonely and boring fun.

Another tradition (aside from me running a turkey trot) is going and watching a movie that has recently come out. We went and watched Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 1. It was really good, and did an okay job at following the book.

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday… I think it stems from growing up and being able to spend a full week with my cousins back in Maryland, and being able to see all the fall leaves and the wonderful trees. I loved playing old games on the computer and playing hide-n-seek around their house. I think that was my favorite. I also remember going to the Natural History Museum in Washington D.C. as well as other Smithsonian museums. And I love it and always want to go back!

This is how I feel about Christmas coming in the stores BEFORE Thanksgiving… Or even putting up your Christmas tree before Thanksgiving (it’s a sin).

Since this recap is a week and a day or two late, it allowed me time to think. I started thinking about how I love Thanksgiving, and how my family cares so much about Chase and I. I had an infertility friend and some people in some of the infertility support groups say how much they don’t like the holiday’s because it reminds them that they don’t have kids to enjoy them with. For me this hasn’t really been a problem, I think it has something to do with the fact that all of our siblings (mine and Chase’s) aren’t married and they don’t have kids yet. I mean, my brother was 10 when we got married. So for me spending the holiday’s with family is really spending time with our siblings and our parents.

However, this week, I started feeling a bit more lonely, and it seemed like the loneliness was over taking me. When I reached my lowest point, I happened to be on Instagram, and saw these 3 posts from people I happen to follow. It felt like it’s what I needed to hear and that it was an answer to my silent prayer.

I really needed to focus on staying positive with my thoughts and to not place blame on myself. I felt like that was my biggest downfall this week.

I felt like I needed a reminder that I need to rely on God to help take away the pain that I was feeling.

Then I had to remember that I’m doing the best that I can be doing right now, and that’s all that matters. Because you’re gonna have hard days and you need to remember that you are doing the best you can do. I really love this and I think I will remember it always.

I’m not sure why these feelings come and go, maybe that’s just life, the ebb and flow. I know it will get better and I’ll stop dwelling on it eventually. And to be honest I would rather be running then feeling these feelings. So I guess this weekend calls for a run! 🙂

What things do you do to get over loneliness?

What is your favorite Holiday?

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