Things that are goals for 2015! yeah, it’s a little late…

When Chase and I first got married we set goals and tried to achieve them. We did it for the first two years we were married and for the most part we did good at keeping them. But since those first couple of years we haven’t been very good at creating goals for ourselves and for our marriage. We have goals that we try and do every year: attend our weekly church meetings (which goes along with fulfilling our callings), attend the temple monthly, communicate efficiently, and try and serve each other.

Aside from those that we try and do every year we haven’t created any worthwhile goals (like running a marathon together, or getting a new job, etc). There are things that we would like to do this year: We really want to go on a cruise for our anniversary (probably on the off season as it’s cheaper to go then – or if I can find a REALLY good deal!), and to start trying to get ready to do more infertility treatments. I think I can say for both of us that the latter is scary to think of – but that’s talk for a different day!

This year I have a few goals/things that I want to continually work on… Goals to me aren’t starting and stopping. I kinda think that’s why people start resolutions and then end up quitting before the month of January is over. They get this big idea in their head and start working towards it and then end up quitting or end up setting them back because they don’t know how to create smaller goals to get to the bigger goal. I am constantly trying to work on my goals. I definitely have setbacks like getting injured, or having a really bad week at work, or that I can tell my body just needs rest. I found a few quotes on goals and having setbacks:

A Setback Vs a Failure Quote

I kinda think that a failure is when you completely give up, thinking that there is NO way you can accomplish your goal. Which instead of “failing” you just need a redirection or motivation from someone.

Giving Up on a goal because of a setback is like slashing your other 3 tires because you got a flat quote

I just thought this was really funny. It put it in a new perspective and a real life situation almost (cause you wouldn’t actually go slash your 3 other tires – would you?).

A few things that I have decided that I want to do and work on this year:

-Having a better and more meaningful relationship with Chase
-Being OKAY with me asking Chase for help around the house
-Running my first Marathon (still need to find a good one for this year! – any ideas?)
-Strength training on my own and in a class at the rec center
-Eat better – eat more clean stuff – more fruits and veggies
-Be in the here and now – not on my phone so often
-Strive to be more spiritual – work on reading my scriptures and reading more General Conference talks

This week I started focusing on the below quote:

Quote by unknown image is by

This past year (2014) I was always wishing for Friday when Monday came rolling around. So this past week I tried really hard to focus on the day itself and tried to make the most of it, because you only get that one day and then it’s gone FOREVER! You can’t get it to come back, unless you’re Doctor Who! 😉

What are things that have set you back when trying to achieve your goals?
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