Things that are Rotary Club of Sugar House Chili Open Run Race Recap

Yesterday, I ran the Rotary club of Sugar House chili open run.
So let me back up a few days… or two weeks… I ran a half marathon 2 weeks ago, I did something to my knee/IT band, and I thought doing more strength training and stretching it out would help before this race. A few days ago I did a short 1.2 mile run and the stair climber for 15 minutes. The next day I was going to go out and run 3 miles so I could be ready for Saturday. I made it 1.5 miles with no pain, and then the pain hit. I couldn’t run and I could only walk. Luckily I was only a mile from my house so I decided to just walk home. I was really worried about running yesterday, so Friday night I laid on the foam roller trying to get out all the sore spots in my leg. I felt a lot better Saturday morning, but was still really worried about running. I told myself that I could at least walk the 3.1 miles. I massaged my leg and rubbed some Tiger Balm all over the sore spots.
Here’s some pictures from yesterday:
In the car by myself… Hate being alone on race day, but it had to happen! 🙁

I felt like I needed to wear my gloves from the haunted half – that was a nice race to supply you with gloves. It was nice to have them on but by mile 1 my hands were already nice and warm – like almost hot, and I hate that. I usually put my race bib on my leg.

It was nice and sunny and I was sporting my Asics Gel-Neo’s. It was nice to run in a different pair of shoes. I usually sport my altras on race day, but I knew the course would be hilly = flaming hot calves.

I found some pictures on I Run Utah’s Facebook page… you can see me just walking. As I did most of the race – at least the going up the hills.

Yup still walking while everyone else was running, and tried to stay warm – though I think I overdressed for the run. It was in the mid 30’s-40’s and definitely warm for a tech shirt, and capris, and I had on a sweat shirt AND a hoodie, and gloves and a beanie.

Since I didn’t have a support “team” to take that fun “I finished strong” photo, I had a cute lady take a picture of me at the finish line!

Overall I think it was a fun small race. But… I hate hills, and you had to run up 4-5 of them (if you count the small one at the end) – but that means you get to run the downhills… I finished the race in 39:57. Definitely not my best time – but I was not trying to go for a time (knowing that this race has hills…). I’m just grateful I finished without getting more injured.

Pros: Small race, got a bowl full of chili and hot chocolate at the end (thanks to the Rotary club), donuts from Dunkin’ donuts (um… they are pretty darn good).

Cons: Hills (have I said that enough to convince you how much I hate them?), no bananas (but it was a really small race).
At the end of the race all race participants got a bowl full of chili, and drinks. They also had some of the organizations that they are donating to there. They had items you could make an offer on. I really liked this putting area. You pay $5 for 5 balls and if you get a certain amount in then you get something for it, whether it was a free ball, or lunch for 2.



Question: What races did you run this weekend? Or if you didn’t run a race – what workout did you do this weekend?

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