Things that are Starting Marathon Training and Week 1 of Marathon Training

I realized last week that I am terrified to start training for the marathon I signed up for in September.

I keep putting off starting to train for it. I procrastinate when I don’t have a real plan set in stone for things.

Upon that realization I also realized that I only have 24 weeks till I run 26.2 miles! That means I only have 24 weeks of training! I now know that I don’t have much time, and I definitely need to let my body build up mileage for this race, because I am so prone to injuring and re-injuring my legs!

So I changed up my training plan. I took out the 3-20 mile days that I had, and I added a 22 mile and one other 20 mile. All I really need is to be on my feet running/walking for that long.

I also tried figuring out what a good time for me to finish the race and what would be a good pace for the marathon. I figured that if my goal for my first half marathon was 2.5 hours, then I could set a goal for the marathon to be 5 hours (5 hours seems so long).

I even went to the point of creating a pace wristband:

The goals I have set are:

1. Finish the race
2. Finish in 5 hours

I think those are very good goals for my first marathon. I don’t know why I didn’t look this up before, but the course is pretty much downhill the WHOLE way! So I should be good, just need to make sure my body will be able to handle 26.2 miles of downhill…

Week 1 of training called for:

Monday: cross train
Tuesday: 3 mile run
Wednesday: Bike
Thursday: 3 mile Pace
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 4 mile run
Sunday: Rest

What I actually did this week was a lot different.

Monday: went on a bike ride, and then did a few different workout videos from Blogilates (I really like how upbeat she is, and she has helped me make sure I am doing the exercises correctly).

Tuesday: I woke up early and ran 2.6 miles. told me it would be about 2.8 miles, obviously there was a .2 difference somewhere…

Wednesday: I was supposed to play soccer (cause I’m on a co-ed team) and our first game was supposed to be that day. However, Utah decided that we were going to have a snow storm that day, and the game got cancelled. INSTEAD! I had a friend ask if I wanted to do a Barre class at our rec center. Uh, yeah! So I did a 50 minute workout of Barre and then went swimming for a 1/2 hour. I probably overdid it, but I had a lot of fun. I only swam a 600m, and about died trying to breath!

Thursday: I went running right after work, and only did a 2.2 mile run. I am slowly going to work up to my pace time on the treadmill (somehow I cannot keep my pace on while running on the treadmill). So this is how I broke it up, .25 warm up, .5 pace, .25 slower pace, .5 pace, .25 slower pace, .25 pace, and then I did a cool down. It took me 34 minutes to complete that run.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: I ran a 4.2 mile long run. My average pace was 13.49, and it took me 59 minutes. I walked a lot because my calves were just burning! I’m not used to running in Altras again, and I need to work back into them again, and do a lot of stretching/foam rolling them to get them to loosen up.
Sunday: Relaxing all day and going to do a lot of foam rolling and stretching to be ready for the next week.

I hope my running gets easier and I can really work on strengthening my muscles that I use for running. I also need to start cutting back on the soda! I was doing so great at only drinking it on the weekends, and now I’m back in my old habit! Hopefully I can really start cutting down this next week.
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