Things that are Marathon Training Week 4

This week I have felt a ton better and I think I am officially over my sickness that I had. I seriously tried everything to get rid of my congestion and nothing was really helping. Then I tried doing nasal rinses, and it has helped clear so much gunk out of my sinuses. I feel much better.

I tried really hard to cut back on soda this week, a habit that I think I will always struggle to break. I did pretty good. I found that one of the gas stations I go to has a Dr Pepper slurpee = yum! I have noticed that when I cut back on soda, I cut back on the sugar in my body and I start getting headaches, they aren’t migraine headaches, they are sugar lacking headaches. There is a difference between the two.

I also signed up for the Dopey Challenge for 2016. I’m pretty Dopey for doing it, but it’s a once in a lifetime thing! It’s my first Disney race, and I’m really excited to run it with friends! Now in addition to training for my first marathon, I get the pleasure of training for a sort of ultra marathon. I am excited I get to run a half marathon on my birthday next year! Should be a great day to celebrate me being alive for 30 years!


Anyways the recap from this week…

Monday: Chiropractor appointment – we worked on strengthening my ankles. After my appointment I went to Barre class at the gym.

Tuesday: Ran 3.5 outside with a few up and a few downhills.

Wednesday: Soccer – we lost! BOO! BUT they were the winning team, and they only beat us by 3, not 5 or 11 like the other teams they beat – so that’s saying something, right?!

Thursday: I was going to get up and go running early at the gym, but then when I woke up I had a sore throat and was worried that I was going to get sick again, so I climbed back into bed to get another 40 minutes of sleep. Which ended up being a good decision.

Friday: Rest + Run around our building in the hail/rain with some co-workers = so much fun (as you can see from my face below)! You can see how wet I got… My feet got pretty wet due to the puddles.

Saturday: Ran the Elevate 5k with my sister, step dad and Alli (recap of the race to come). I took it easy for the 5k, knowing that I was going to run 2 additional miles later. I went to the gym and ran 2 more miles inside so I could warm up after the cold rainy weathered run.

Sunday: Rest day (as in I stayed home from church and watched TV all day).

Total miles for the week: 8.5
Yes the miles are low, but I think taking it easy getting back into running will truly help. I know that I will have plenty of more miles to run in the next 20 weeks of training.

**My chiropractor told me that for each week I don’t do a long run I need to cut back 10% on my long runs. So I was supposed to cut back 20% for the 2 long runs I missed. Since I didn’t run on Thursday, I thought I gave myself enough rest to run 5 miles on Saturday. Which turned out fine, and I still feel pretty great. We’ll see how this next week goes!
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