Things that are Elevate 5k Race Recap 2015

Saturday started out cold and wet. It had rained on and off for at least 3-4 days leading up to Saturday. Saturday was supposed to be gross, which it was, just not the whole time.

Chase and I got to SecurityMetrics around 8:30AM. He dressed up as Iron Man! (why wouldn’t he?!)

Since my Sister, Carolin, ran I felt like I needed to stay with her (I kinda felt bad for leaving her at the half marathon back in October – don’t tell her!). She did struggle with running – but that was only because she was sick and congested, but I stayed with her, because I wasn’t in it to get a PR. I just felt funny that morning, and knew I wasn’t going to run my best. My sister did amazing and I am so happy that she is running more! Hopefully I gave her motivation to keep running – because she did great.

I also ran with my step dad, and Alli. Alli beat my step dad, but not by much – he said he could see her the entire race… She came in at 25 minutes (not sure on the exact time – they haven’t posted results yet. They both did way better than me! 🙂

Okay! Pictures from the race:

Alli, Carolin and I before the race. We were all so cold!

Chase and I after the race

My mom has never gotten a picture with Iron Man before – so she HAD to have one!


These were all the super hero’s from the race (I’m still not sure what Ariel is doing there…) Marval and DC Comics. Gotta have both right?

Results: 43:34 – from my watch, because they still don’t have race results yet…

Pros: location is close to me, gotta see some fun super hero’s, is a family friendly event (they had bikes, strollers, scooters), its for a good cause (we helped raise money for 3 families in need).

Cons: 2 uphills (I told you I hate the uphills!), didn’t start at 9am (started about 20-30 minutes late), the finish was uphill (ugh).

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