Things That Are Week 6 of Marathon Training Recap

This week I didn’t feel so busy, and I felt like I could actually get my workout in without having to give something up. Life definitely has been busy ever since I started training for this Marathon. I know it’s not going to get any easier, and will in fact get harder and harder to try and squeeze in a run.

I’m running the Memorial Day 10k called Run of Remembrance tomorrow (5/25), if you want to run it with me (it’s a FREE race) you can sign up for it here.

Monday: Went to Barre at the gym. A lot of fun, and I felt sore the next day! YES!

Tuesday: Ran 4 miles in the rain after work in the rain.


Wednesday: Soccer – the other team forfeited so we just practiced the whole time. I stepped on my foot wrong and couldn’t flex my ankle. That night I made sure to massage my ankle as well as my anterior tibial muscle.

Thursday: Rest day. I felt as though I needed to rest since my foot really hurt. I think that was a good decision on my part – knowing that if I pushed it too hard I could injure myself even further.

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Ran 8 miles. I started at the parking lot for the Provo canyon trail and walked up 800 north to the start of the Murdock Canal trail. The first 4 miles were really rough, my ankle was sore and it seemed like it was a gradual uphill – but it wasn’t. By the turn around I felt better and after getting some encouraging texts from Chase I was able to run the last 4 miles with no problems.

There were a few times bikers rode past me and I jumped because they scared me (the volume on my headphones was on the lowest – and I only had one headphone in too). To me it’s a courtesy thing to say “on your left” when riding past you. Out of the 50 or so riders that passed me I had only 1 biker say “on your left.”

On the way to Provo river trail parking lot.

It was so pretty on my run yesterday.

Sunday: Rest day

Week total: 12 miles
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  1. Katie Arruda

    May 28, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    That is really nice that they offer a free race on memorial day. Hope it went well!

    Katie @

  2. Tedi Palmer

    May 30, 2015 at 12:59 am

    It was a fun race. I will get a recap of the race up soon!

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