Things that are Memorial Day 5k/10k/1mile Race Recap 2015

Monday started out pretty good. Chase and I got up early to go run the Memorial Day 5k/10k/1mile in American Fork.

I found out about this race because I got an email from Runtastic Events for Run of Remembrance. I am not affiliated with Runtastic Events and am not getting paid to give this race recap – I just really like race recaps. It was a free race so a lot more people were there than I had expected. They definitely appreciated donations, and all donations went to “Afflicted War Heroes.”

I had planned on using this race for marathon training. I ran the 10k because my plan called for 6 miles on Tuesday. Even though Chase isn’t running for a specific event, I convinced him that he should run it too. He decided that he could only handle the 5k, which is fine. I’m still proud of him for doing it with me.

The course was the same for 10k and 5k up until mile 2 when I continued up the ginormous hill, and Chase turned right. The last 0.25 mile for both 5k and 10k ran through American Fork Cemetery.

This was the first mile when I took this picture and I was running so fast, not expecting it to get hilly and not really paying attention that I would have to run an additional 5 miles..

We passed my sister who was running at a pretty good pace (I can’t catch up to Alli and my Step Dad, Michael).

Just after mile 3 I took this awesome picture, then turned left and ran another uphill.

After the race I ran into one of my works UPS drivers, he does a lot of Ultras and is pretty really fit. He’s pretty cool, and I can’t believe how much running he does!

I had to get one with Alli. She’s such a great sport!
Even with the huge hill from mile 2-3 I still had an average pace of 11.14 a lot faster than what marathon training should be. But with all the running I am doing I should be getting faster and fitter.
Results: 1:09:54 – from my watch, I started it shortly after I crossed the start line.
It definitely was not my fastest 10k. My fastest actual 10k race was back 3 years ago and I finished it in 1:07:53.

Pros: No race bibs to worry about, lots of people to run with (though some may say that is a con because too many people can cause anxiety), started shortly after 8 – which is great! Finish line was on a downhill.

Cons: Huge hill (what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger), no race results (due to it being a free race), congestion at the start line.

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