Things that are Marathon Training Week 7 Recap

I’m going to be honest with you today – I injured myself pretty bad on Monday. Bad enough that I will not be able to run for the next 2-4 weeks.

Here’s my recap to the best of my physical abilities this week:

Monday: Ran the “Run of Remembrance” with Chase, Alli, Carolin and Michael. Ran 6 miles in 1:09:54. I also played soccer with some friends and we had a 2 on 2 game going, and I twisted and fell on my knee. It didn’t start hurting until the afternoon, and I eventually couldn’t bend it past 90 degrees and straighten it all the way. I iced it that night and just tried to rest it and keep it elevated.

Tuesday: Went to my general doctor in the morning – yes, I skipped out on work. I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to get it fixed, and was worried I really injured myself. The Dr. said he thinks it was an MCL sprain, and possibly tore my meniscus. He also said to just stay off of it and do physical therapy. I convinced him to let me do physical therapy with my chiropractor who deals with sports injuries.

Wednesday: I was able to get in to see my Chiropractor. He did not believe that it was my MCL, but that it could be 1. Capsular ligament of the knee, 2. ACL, 3. meniscus. He was pretty sure it was my capsular ligament because it hurt on the front and back of my knee, not just on the front. He didn’t think I needed to get an MRI unless it didn’t start healing on it’s own. He gave me a bio-puncture with homeopathics, on either side of my knee (injecting into the knee itself), it was pretty painful. Then he put a swab of inflammatory herbs and put a patch over the medial side of my knee. He told me I should start working on my flexibility/mobility and that I could probably start running again in about 2-4 weeks. I go back to see him again next week.

Thursday: At work I was able to be on my feet for a little while, but then would sit down. Trying to balance between resting and being mobile.

Friday: I did the same thing, but I was actually on my feet a lot more and my knee was definitely more swollen.

Saturday: Chase and I went on a 1.86 mile walk with our dogs, I did yard work, and a lot of resting. I tried to not wear my brace, and it seems to not be as swollen as it has been. You can see in the picture below that its still somewhat swollen.

Sunday: Rest day for sure!
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