Things that are Marathon Training Week 8 Recap

Okay – So I know this past week I didn’t do anything as far as marathon training goes. At work I was sitting helping another department till Friday.  The chiropractor cleared me to be up on my feet 50% on Thursday night. So I was up walking around working in my department for most of Friday (can I get a hallelujah).

So really I’m not sure if I can actually say that this was a marathon training week… I know I will need to change my marathon plan based on healing my knee. But I really want to keep with the whole weekly recap of my training.

Chase and I started a low-carb diet (mostly trying to watch what we eat). It is amazing how many carbs I eat! I really noticed that I don’t necessarily need the amount that I was eating (I will see how I feel when I start exercising more again). A side note: Chase has already lost 10 pounds, and I’m really proud of him for trying to get back into shape and be healthy. I know it will really make a difference down the road.

So here’s what I did this week:

Monday: I went for a 35 minute swim. I was amazed at the progress I made as far as being able to breath for a full 50M. Yes, I am slowly progressing, but I am not in it to do a race, yet…

Tuesday: Just worked on stretching my knee to get motion back.

Wednesday: Stretching my legs and getting up walking around. I also mowed the front lawn. Chase usually takes care of our lawn, but I need to know how – I’ve only ever mowed the lawn once in my ENTIRE life! I posted this picture on my Instagram account for National Running Day. I was kinda bummed that I couldn’t run, but I know I need to be injury free!

One of my friends posted this on IG and I couldn’t help but laugh (and it was perfect that it happened to fall on National Running Day. 🙂

Thursday: Met with the chiropractor. He told me I could be up walking around more (about 50% more), but to base it on how I feel.

Friday: Worked on my feet for most of the day, and took the dogs out for a walk with Chase. Met my step goal for UP (10,000 steps).

I also had a donut (Chase did not) for National Donut Day… Why we have days set aside for running and donuts I don’t know… Here’s what I was going to post (but forgot). My two favorite things… Donuts (any kind but I especially LOVE the Dunford chocolate cake donuts), and my DP with Strawberry and Lime! If you haven’t tried it, you must. The strawberry doesn’t over power it like you may think.

Saturday: Went on a walk with Chase and the dogs. They were extra happy to be out of the house.

Sunday: Rested for most of the day. I will take the dogs out for another walk. They definitely need to get their exercise in as well as I do too. This is how we do lazy around here:

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