Things that are Marathon Training Week 10 Recap

This week has been a lot better as far as training goes then the past few weeks, even with traveling. Still no running, but tried to get a lot of walking in to try and equal it.

Monday: I did a 50 minute barre class and my knee did pretty good with the class, and I was planning on taking it easy through the class anyways – so I was happy with the results. After I went and swam for a half hour (which was a lot harder than I was expecting).

Tuesday: Rode the bike outside for 25 minutes. Tried riding harder than I rode last Saturday.

Wednesday: I didn’t go to Barr class because I got vertigo that lasted all night. Super weird.

Thursday: Rest day – and I saw this on instagram the other day and it made me laugh a lot! I’m sure those that haven’t gone through infertility don’t necessarily think about stuff like this.

Friday: Travel day! If you wanna follow along you can follow at #palmersinAK or follow me on IG:@runningwithinfertility1

Saturday: Did a LOT of walking! Chase and I went to Kincaid park which was pretty awesome! I will probably go on a short run there next week (hopefully). There was a race downtown Anchorage, and I thought about running it before we came up, and am now glad I didn’t sign up for it.

Sunday: Mostly rest day

We’ll see how this next week goes as far as training goes. Stay tuned. 🙂
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