Things that are Week 13 Marathon Training Recap

Monday: I wasn’t able to go to barre class or swim, so I just did the exercises my chiropractor gave me. Still really hard to do them, but I’m improving!

Tuesday: I got up a little bit earlier than my normal “early” run time so I could fit in a 5.12 mile run! It was great and I seriously had a runner’s high the rest of the day!

Wednesday: I had to debate whether I should get a massage from a friend or go to Barre Class and swim afterwards. I went with getting a massage, I figured if I took extra good care of my body, it will end up thanking me later. Good idea right? Should have thought of that last year and the year before when I was running into injuries all over the place…

Thursday: After work I went to a pond and went for an open water swim with a friend and her husband. They are putting together a triathlon next month and I’m joining them for that. It was fun. I’m not sure the distance, but I do know I was pretty tired after all that swimming.

Friday: Rest day. Didn’t do a lot of resting, but enough.

Saturday: Got up early and went running (6:30am) but didn’t get out the door and starting to run till about 7:30. I ended up running/walking 9.03 miles. It felt pretty good. I’ve been running into this problem lately that when I don’t eat enough or eat the right foods before my run, I get REALLY hungry towards the end of my run even with taking gels with me. That’s what happened yesterday – I had a slice of bread, peanut butter, and a banana. I normally eat oatmeal, and peanut butter mixed in (yum! you should seriously try it!).  Have you ever run into this problem before where you were really hungry by the end of your run?

Sunday: Rest day, and yes I am definitely taking advantage of this!

Total Miles for the week: 14.15 miles
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