Things that are Week 14 Marathon Training Recap

This week has been pretty hard mentally for me. I did a workout on Monday and it led to me not running until Thursday. Which made it difficult for me to get my head back in the game when I did run again.

Monday: I wasn’t able to to Barre, but I went to the gym later with Chase and we did some weight lifting (which I don’t like doing alone – I feel like guys just sit and stare at me), and then Chase ran on the treadmill and I rode the bike for about 10 minutes. I did the squats and lunge exercises that my chiropractor told me to do. I was SO sore after doing them! I definitely need to do more weight lifting because I definitely like feeling sore.

Tuesday: I got up at 5:15 to get ready to go run 5 miles, I made it all the way to about putting my shoes on, and then I decided that I just wanted to go get back into bed! That extra “hour” of sleep made me tired for the rest of the day! I went on a walk later that day, but that was about all that I did. I also had an appointment with my Chiropractor and he gave me a few more things to work on to help my IT band issue.

My leg getting a heat treatment after a lovely leg massage

Wednesday: Went to barre and then did 30 minutes of swimming. I ended up doing 600m in that time, and I actually felt like I knew what I was doing again. Hopefully I can continue to get better at swimming and not feel scared and overwhelmed like I have been – which is odd cause that’s not how I used to be.

Had to get a “selfie” with Hurley

Thursday: Got up early and was able to get out the door and ran 3.19 miles! I felt so great the entire run! I was able to run the whole time with no pain! I seriously love that feeling! I also went for a 20 minute bike ride, not sure how many miles because I had the GPS turned off on my phone, so it only counted the minutes.


Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Got up at 4:50am to start a run at 5:15 and ran for roughly 2 hours, and did 11 miles. My watch lost GPS signal at mile 9.23, so I’m pretty confident that I ran 11 miles because it was a little over a mile to get back to my car – which would have equaled 11 miles. It was pretty hard run for me as far as distance goes. I’m not too sore, and I don’t feel like I overdid it.


Sunday: Definite rest day!

P.S. Chase and I have been married for 8 years today! 🙂 We were such kids when we got married!

Total Running miles: 14.19 miles

This next week calls for running 13.1 miles! I’m pretty sure I can do it! I’m feeling good and I am definitely going to take extra care of my body for that run!
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