Things that are Marathon Training Week 15 Recap

I’m another week closer to running the Huntsville Marathon. It’s crazy to me that I am running farther and farther each week. This month has been the most mileage than any other month in my few years of running.

Monday: Went to the gym and did some strength training, and did the exercises my chiropractor gave me.

Tuesday: Ran 3 miles (2.99 – but who’s checking?!). I wasn’t feeling the best (runner stomach issues) out on the run, and I was walking a lot more than I should have been. Since I was walking so much I was short on time so I cut the run short.


 One benefit of getting up early is that I get to see the beginnings of a sunrise. Which always is beautiful!

Wednesday: I rode my bike to the rec center and about died going up a huge hill. Then I swam for a half hour and then rode back home – which turned out to be pretty fun.

Thursday: I changed my schedule and opted for a rest day because I was up so late at Pet Urgent Care because Hurley had gotten bit by another dog. Hate it when my #furbabies get hurt.


Friday: Chase and I had the day off (Utah Holiday) and so he went with me (to show support) so I could go swimming. I seriously need to get over my fear of swimming in open water – I had a freak out moment (I think I was tired too), and only ended up doing 1 lap when I had planned on doing 3. I’m glad I got in at least a lap.


Saturday: Chase woke up early with me so he could drop me off to go run. I started 13 miles from my house and basically ran home. I was super sluggish and my legs felt tired. I think it had something to do with me not fueling and hydrating right from the day before. I also did my exercises my chiropractor gave me to help with ITBS.


Sunday: Rest Day

Total Miles for the week: 16.09 miles
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