Things that are Marathon Training Week 16 Recap

So my marathon training plan is 24 weeks long. I’m at week 16! 8 more weeks till I run my first marathon! AHH! Okay, done freaking out! πŸ˜‰

Here’s my training for this week:

Monday: I felt I needed some extra stretching so I went to a yoga class at the gym. So good, and I definitely felt more relaxed.

Tuesday: I did an open water swim with some friends. I was seriously cold, and I tried taking my time. I think I need a wetsuit for the triathlon this weekend. This is how I felt after my swim = not too happy.


Wednesday: Strength training at home. Not as sore as I had expected to be from it.

Thursday: I ran 4 miles in 47:58 on the treadmill at the gym. Before I went to bed I told myself there was no excuse for me to not go out running. And again when I got up I told myself that again! It helped me so much to be motivated to run! One thing that was bugging me during my run was my headphones would not stay in my ears. Do you have this issue?



Friday: I had big plans for the day as far as training, and I ended up resting because I woke up not feeling 100%. So glad I rested!

Saturday: Woke up at the horrible hour of 3:20 to be out the door by 3:45 to be at the bus pick up for the Timpanogos Half. Man that was early! I sat next to a cute lady from Ogden, and she got my number and hopefully I will be on her Wasatch back team for next year! And I made a new running buddy! I ran the half in 2:24 (chip time), but my watch said that I ran it in 2:19 minutes. So I’m not quite sure what to go off of. I would like to say 2:19 minutes.

Β At this point I was definitely tired and a little sore.
Race recap to come!

Sunday: Rest and recoup day! I’m feeling pretty good despite the fact that I pushed myself a little yesterday. But I can walk up and down stairs and not be in pain. We’ll see what this week brings as far as running goes.

Total Miles: 17.12
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  1. Katie Arruda

    August 3, 2015 at 5:55 pm

    Congrats on another half! I need to do more swimming! Where do you do your open water swims?

    Katie @ Katie Wanders

  2. Tedi Palmer

    August 7, 2015 at 1:11 am

    Thanks! It was a lot of fun! I have only done open water swimming at Manila Creek Pond that is in Pleasant Grove. Not bad, but a little chilly. I haven't ventured to Utah lake.

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