Male Factor Infertility August 2015 Update

I’ve been thinking a lot about Male Factor Infertility lately. Chase and I both don’t know a lot about male factor infertility (MFI). I know every situation dealing with Male Factor is different. But this is our situation, and the only one I really know or care about.

It’s been 4 months after Chase has been off of the “medication” from the clinical trial we were participating in. We haven’t gotten pregnant on our own yet. I was hopeful the first month, and that was when I wrote this post because I was heartbroken. I was scared to death the second month, and now I’m back to being content where we are in life right now.

Chase is now on a strong dose of 30mg of Zinc and 5mg of Folic Acid (you can find them here and here on Amazon). Since Chase had a break from the medicine from the trial to us finding the correct dosage it was about 1-2 month delay. Sperm regeneration is every 3 months, and his sperm from the trial (that were super sperm, see picture below) are gone. We now we have to wait another month before the dosage starts having an effect on him again. We still think that there is a possible vericocele, but we won’t know for sure until we go see another reproductive endocrinologist (RE).

super sperm male factor infertility

My feelings the past 4 months have been indifferent. Certain things happen for a reason, and in a way they helped me be distracted from not being pregnant. I think they all happened for a reason and I’m perfectly okay with taht.

Let me explain:

April; I was heartbroken, but we had friends staying with us, so I was distracted.

May; I was really sick for almost a week, and was worried about getting better. Then Aunt Flo (AF) showed up shortly after I was recovering from being sick.

June; I injured my knee. So my focus has been on getting back to running rather than pregnancy.

July; we were gearing up for our appt with our new RE, so our focus wasn’t on getting pregnant.

We recently had an appointment with our new RE. Here’s a little to recap. We did 2 Femara cycles, but didn’t focus on sperm, just the egg, so they were wasted cycles. Then, Chase got with the clinical trial, and it boosted his sperm, but we didn’t do any treatments for me, so again wasted cycles. This time, we are going to do it right with 3 cycles of medicated IUI’s.

Our RE was really worried about my ovarian reserve level and my fallopian tubes not working properly.

I was so impressed by him, and his ability to explain it on a level for Chase and I to get. He didn’t say the only way for us to have kids is through IVF (which a previous RE had said), he said we’re gonna try 3 cycles of IUI, and if those don’t work then we’ll meet back here in 3 months.

We are both hopeful, but also a little frazzled. I’m not 100% ready for the emotional roller coaster for the 3 cycles. I’m not sure how to emotionally handle all this. I’ve been an emotional mess the past 3-4 days, and I don’t think I can handle much more of it.

I’m ready to have a family. I’m ready for things to finally change.couple + reproductive endocrinologist = baby

Hey you! Chick who is always complaining about your kids and/or pregnancy symptoms. You make me wish I had more middle fingers!

There really isn’t anything else that we can do, but laugh, and enjoy the journey. So here are a few of my favorite infertility funnies:

So you have an opinion about my life. Which one of my bills will you be paying this month?
Oh your baby was free? That's cute. Infertility treatments means mine will be a super fancy, designer baby, thanks science!

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