Things that are TIMPanogos Half Marathon Recap

This was last minute deciding on if I wanted to run the TIMPanogos Half Marathon. Saturday morning, I got up at the awful hour of 3:15am. I had my stuff ready the night before so I could get dressed, get my food and leave. I was out the door by 3:45.

I was surprised at how much traffic there was, but considering there were over 1300 people who were running, that made perfect sense. I parked about 2 blocks away, and walked to the buses.

Since I was by myself, I sat by someone I didn’t know on the ride up to the start. The runner friend I made in that half hour bus ride was great. She got my number and hopefully I can join her Ragnar team. My bucket list for running is doing the Wasatch Back Ragnar and Vegas Ragnar in the same year.

I saw a few people that I know – a girl that works at my chiropractors office, and a blogger that I have gotten to know well through Instagram. Both of course were running a lot faster than me!

It started to lighten up by the time the we started the race. The race started at Tibble Fork, in American Fork Canyon.

TIMPanogos Half Marathon Start

There was 7.5 miles until you were out of the canyon. The requirement was you had to be out of the canyon by 7:30, which is about a 14 minute mile. I was out just after 7.

It was so pretty running down the canyon, but I DO NOT like running down a steep canyon road. The whole time I was running down the canyon, I kept thinking “get me outta here!” and “Am I almost out of the canyon?!” I KNEW that too much of the downhill can cause me MAJOR ITBS problems for me! Which I didn’t want flairing up again.

Excited to be starting the TIMPanogos Half Marathon

There was a guy ducking out of my picture so he wasn’t in it! haha! It was pretty funny!

Once out of the canyon I felt great! I stopped and stretched for a few minutes, which seemed like a must after running down the canyon. I had ran this part of the course last year for the Rivalry Relay. So I knew there were a few small hills, and I was willing to tackle them. By this point there were lots of people walking up the hills – I don’t blame them, I would if I hadn’t told myself that I wasn’t going to run them in the first place.

I was neck and neck with this older guy the majority of the race. I passed him and start walking, and then he would catch up and pass me. It was a game we were playing, except he was winning because he was running the whole time and I wasn’t. Finally at mile 12, he started walking – I passed him and told him he was doing awesome. Then I just started passing lots of people. See I have a game plan when I run (not really, but lets believe that I do), I reach a certain point on the course (usually mile 10-13.1) where the majority of people are walking. They are spent and either exhuasted or injured, and I pass them. Probably not the nicest thing to say out loud, but its the truth, gotta save your energy for those last few miles and just keep on running!

Running to the finish TIMPanogos Half Marathon

It wasn’t my best time, but I also wasn’t doing it to get a Personal Record (PR). I have worked really REALLY hard to remain injury free after my knee injury back at the end of May. After all this hard work I’m not going to go “all out” on a race that I wasn’t exactly sure I was going to run in the first place, and injure myself.

I finished in 2:24 minutes per chip time. My watch told me I ran it in 2:19 minutes. Not sure where the 5 minutes went. They did say the course was 13.36 miles, but that wouldn’t have put me at 5 minutes over. Either way I’m still really happy with my overall time.

I’m pretty happy with how I did – I’m glad I got an orange Creamie at the end of the race. It’s a pretty stellar Medal!

Pros: Started on time, Beautiful course through American Fork Canyon, Awesome Medal, and Awesome shirts.
Cons: I swear they said in an email that there was chocolate milk at the end of the race, which is something that I ALWAYS look forward to, and I didn’t see any; There was scarce food at the finish line; There were a few aid stations that did not have any water and only had Powerade; There was also a LOT of congestion in trying to get needed nourishment at the finish line. The shirts are great, but they run really small.

Will I run this race again? I don’t know, it definitely depends on the swag, the medal, and if I’m up for running 7.5 miles all downhill. 😛

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