Things that are Manilla Creek Triathlon Race Recap 2015

This is my first Triathlon ever, and I’m so glad I was able to finish it!

You need to know that this was put on by a few of my friends, so it was a very low key event.

We had a race meeting on Friday night, and we discussed things you should and shouldn’t do (wear a helmet, don’t drift, things to bring to help with transitioning, etc.). Easy enough, since I had never done this type of a race, and was really glad they helped.

The race started at 8am the next morning. They told us to be there at 7:30 to get set up (bike tires pumped up, transition area set up, wet suits on, etc).

I had rented a farmer Jane style wet suit. I am so glad that I did because the water was freezing, and I think I would have panicked if I hadn’t had one on.

One of our friends got a timer all set up on his phone, and we got into the water and then he said “GO”.

I had gotten my goggles all prepped for anti fog before getting in, but the water was so cold compared to the temperature outside, that my goggles still fogged up. I would swim about half way each lap (totaling 4 laps), and then take them off because I couldn’t see. I couldn’t tell how far away I was from the shore, I was worried I was going to run into something. At one point the sun was the right height that I could not see in front of me. It was more just annoying then anything else.

After I finished the swim I got out of the pond and started getting out of my wetsuit while I was walking, it was at that point that I realized how warm I was actually feeling (because the water was coming out of my suit). I realized then how nice wetsuits are and that I should probably rent one if I do another race in open water.

Once partially dry I decided to change into my clothes that I would be biking and running in. Much better than trying to bike in a swimsuit. I’m sure my transition was a lot longer than most, and that’s okay. I was in it to experience this race, not to try and go fast.

I got all ready to go on my bike, and I wanted to track my distance on the bike, so I could see how slow/fast I went per mile. I knew it would be a long bike ride, but it took me just over an hour to complete. I felt like I was going pretty slow. I don’t have a water bottle holder, so I had to carry my water bottle the whole ride. The water in my bottle was pretty disgusting and I didn’t drink hardly any – which probably wasn’t the best decision I made. I got to see two ladies that I knew while out and said a quick hello while riding past them. It always makes it better to have someone cheering for you and wishing you a quick good luck. I finished my biking in 1:07:27.

When I got back to the pond to transition to run, I felt tired and gross. My legs felt like jello when I started to run. I had enough energy for the run but I don’t think I had enough water. I got my running app ready and I started making my way up a big hill to get to Murdock canal trail. My friend, Kelsey (who had finished long before I started my run) rode the bike with me for a little while to make sure I knew where I was going. It was nice to have someone to talk to even if it was only for a few minutes. I walked and ran most of it and finished my run in 35:32. It was nice to have friends and family cheering me on while I came in from the different events.

I finished the triathlon in 2:17. I was estimating my time to completion around 2 hours, so being about 20 minutes over wasn’t bad at all.

I don’t think it was a big enough event to really justify my pros and cons list. I will say that I will do another triathlon, just not during a marathon training cycle. I also completed it faster than I would have running a half marathon.

I am (and I’m sure everyone who completed it is as well) VERY thankful for my family for coming and helping out! They stayed around watching our transition area to make sure bikes and such didn’t get stolen. They also have been very supportive with my running habits/races and now doing my first triathlon.
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