Things that are week 19 of Marathon Training

I’ll be upfront and honest with you, I kinda went MIA when it came to marathon training this week. I was not really on social media and did not really post what was going on this week. But I’ll give you a glimpse at what happened this week here:

Monday: I did barre at the gym, and also…

I had to give myself a shot for our upcoming IUI cycle. Not only did I have to inject myself, I also had to do it at work. I also went to Barre later that evening.

The amount I had to inject myself with, 1cc of the hCG trigger shot (I will explain what all happened in another post).
 I posted this on instagram on Monday. The anticipation was actually worse then the actual shot. I didn’t even feel the shot go in. But while I was prepping for the shot my hands were really REALLY shaky. You can see on my face that I really didn’t want to do it either…


Tuesday: I was going to get up early and run – but I was so exhausted that I ended up not. We also had our IUI that day, and I needed to rest after having that done. So it ended up being a rest day for us.

It was also Chase’s birthday and so we went out to dinner and celebrated him! He got a present from his brother, which was very thoughtful. I also wrote a post on my personal blog about his birthday.


Wednesday: Another rest day. I was not 100% and still not feeling so great (there’s a lot of cramping involved when it comes to an IUI) so I decided to take it a little easy. I really wanted to go for a bike ride, but couldn’t get my little behind out the door.

Thursday: I was going to wake up and go running, but yet again… Couldn’t get my butt out of my bed. I had also been reading things about making sure my core temperature doesn’t get past 101 because that can be harmful for the baby and prevent implantation to occur (even though implantation usually happens 7 days after you ovulate). I ended up calling the fertility clinic and asking the nurses if it was okay for me to still run and workout. They said it shouldn’t be a problem since I had already been training and running a lot. The nurse said to just stay hydrated and to not run in the heat of the day, which I’m totally okay with.

Friday: My normal rest day.

Saturday: I got up super early (5am) and had Chase drop me off and ran 11.46 miles to home. I did run a lot slower than normal. I didn’t sleep good the night before so I think that had a play on my pace. It took me 2:32 my average pace was 13’19, which was a little slower than usual, but I didn’t burn up and felt pretty good.

 I was trying to take a picture with my phones self timer so I could be cool like other bloggers who do that sort of thing too. I was having trouble and even looked at the camera the first few times. I felt a little awkward with traffic going by.
 Then I tried it again, and it worked better!

Sunday: Resting it up!

Total Miles this week: 11.46

Total Miles for the Month (which I’m pretty proud of that’s why I’m putting it on here): 56.8
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