Things that are week 20 of Marathon Training – 4 more to go!

I am at the exhaustion point. I haven’t run this much in all my years of running, and I think it’s taking a toll on my body as a whole. I also started new hours at work this week, and I have been extra sluggish on my runs (could be from the IUI I just had done). But I got all but 1 workout that I had scheduled done this week! woo woo! So I’m happy about that.

Here’s the recap:

Monday: The gym is closed for 2 weeks so I just did exercises I gave my sister for her 10k training. Legs were on the menu. I did 2 sets of 8-10 reps each of ballet squats, reverse lunges, dumbbell calf raises, regular squats. I also did this video which literally killed my legs!

Tuesday: I ran 3.16 miles super easy and super slow. I wish I would have taken water with me. I ran at about 7:30-7:45 and it was still quite hot out, and my mouth was pretty dry.

Wednesday: No exercise, but I did get a massage from my friend Kelsey. She tried a cupping technique on both of my it bands (which I have had done before on my back). It looked pretty cool after it was done, and they are a little tender now.



Thursday: Only ran 1.90 miles. I was going to do a lot more, but I had dinner only 15 minutes before leaving and that left me feeling full and gross.

Friday: Rest day – but not really a rest because I was on my feet for 10 hours at work (end of month=long day).

Saturday: Got up early to go run 15 miles – but it ended up only being 14.7 just a little short. I asked Chase if he would run with me, so he met me at mile 11 and we ran home together. I was doing really good throughout the entire run and then by mile 12.5 my hip/IT band were giving me lots of problems. By the end of the run I was walking in pain. Not the best way to end a run. I realized that I haven’t been foam rolling as much as I normally do, and think that and not stretching every day may be the problem. Thankfully I go to the Chiropractor on Monday.

The moon was SO big and it was just so beautiful I couldn’t help by take a picture!

 I was SO glad I was finished yesterday! Hot and sweaty don’t mix with me!

Sunday: Rest rest rest!

Total Miles for the week: 19.76 miles

Total miles for August: 76.6 miles
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