Things that are Marathon Training Week 22 Recap

I’m posting this a little later than my normal Sunday ritual – due to yesterday’s post. This past week turned out to be a little more relaxing as a taper than I was expecting it to be.

Monday: Went for a run with Alli, and her son and we ran 2.94 miles. He’s definitely a little trooper and lets his mom run without too much of a fuss.

Tuesday: Nada = Rest Day

Wednesday: The gym is back open after some renovations, so I was able to attend Barre. It was a lot of fun, and I was pretty sore from it.

Thursday: Ended up only having time to go walk the dog.

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Slept in (because I had to stay up late to give myself a shot), and plus lets be real honest here – I needed that extra sleep. So I didn’t start till about 9:30am, and by that point in the day it was definitely getting hot. So I ended up cutting my run shorter than I had planned, running 7.56 miles instead of the 11 that I had on the schedule. But I made up for it by going on a little hike later that day with Chase and the dogs.

Crazy hair after a shower – but it was a much needed shower (and who doesn’t stink after running 7.5 miles?!)
 We hiked up a little ways of Rock Canyon in Provo. Didn’t go very far, no one (except for me) was very happy about the hike.

Sunday: Lots of resting today – Had our second IUI done, so a lot of resting for me. 🙂

Total Miles for the week: 10.5 miles
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