Things that are Addicts II Athletes 5k/10k Race Recap

I signed up for this race a little over a month ago. This is an amazing organization, and have seen them participating at a lot of the races I have run in. This race was a “free” race – you had the option of donating money and buying a shirt.

Their soul purpose is:

I got my friend Alli, and my sister Carolin to sign up for the 10k (and I created a training plan for my sister). I tried convincing Chase – but he didn’t have it, he chooses not to run anymore – insert frowny face here. Both Alli and Carolin had additional friends sign up for it. We had a pretty good sized crowd of people.

┬áNot sure why I look so cold and Alli doesn’t…

I had decided that I was going to run and stay with my sister. I know how much support she needs during these races (and lets get real – I felt SUPER bad for not staying with her running the Haunted Half last year). She injured her foot when she ran the half marathon last year, and I’m not sure it has fully recovered.

We started out running WAY faster than we should, I had to keep telling her we’re running too fast. We started walking and running, then her foot started hurting to the point where she just had to walk. Because the race was a loop and the 10kers ran the loop twice, I told her that maybe she should just finish with the 5k, (not sure if that was okay or not, they weren’t really timing the race and I don’t think they’ll have results either…), so she didn’t injure herself any more. I felt bad, and I had been doing everything I could (massaging, giving her strengthening exercises, taping on race day) to help heal her.

Sister and I got to the turn around spot, and she finished with the 5k and I got a drink from the aid station and then upped my pace and had a goal in mind = to finish strong and to pass a lot of people (its only bad if you count out loud, right?!). I had forgotten my headphones, so I was running without music. Usually music distracts me from the pain or breathing issues I get sometimes when I run. There were a lot of volunteer’s on the road and it was always nice to get a “you’re doing awesome” from them, and that seemed to help keep me motivated. I walked through the other water station, got a drink, and started running again.

I knew I was running faster than my normal pace because I had a constant nauseous feeling in my stomach. I only get those when I’m pushing myself harder than normal. I kept looked down at my watch and the pace was at a constant 9:55. I was happy with myself, but I could feel my knee and it just didn’t feel right (like it would give out on me at any moment). I know it was from my knee injury in May, and it hasn’t felt normal since before then. I pushed through it knowing that it wasn’t going to knock me out the rest of the day.

I finished 6.3 miles in 1:22:58, far from my fastest 10k, but that’s okay with me. Later, I noticed that I had PR’d my 5k time, of 31:16 down to 30:49!

Overall this was a fun race, and I will most likely run it again. I really like it when the money I donate or spend on a race goes to a good cause. I know someone personally who is involved with them, and though I don’t know his addiction I know that he now runs ultras and is trying to get me to run more trail runs.

Pros: Flat course = PRing able to happen, Awesome swag, Got a cool dog tag for finishing, Race shirts were cool colors (non tech though…), packet pickup was a breeze (and a little breezy cause it was held outside).
Cons: No one taking times down (which made me wonder how they kept track of those that took first in the 10k and 5k?), 10k looped twice so 5kers and 10kers were running into each other at the turn around point.

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