Things that are Marathon Training Week 23 Recap

I’m getting down to the last week of marathon training! I’ve got one week left! It’s crazy! A few things that I have noticed this week as I haven’t been running as much, is that I have a pain on my right side in my lower back when I walk occasionally. I haven’t had it before so I’m not really sure what’s going on. I thought it was my SI joint giving me problems, but this feels different than what I normally experience with that.

Monday: Went to yoga, thought I needed a little extra stretching, but I’m thinking it did a little more harm than good.

Tuesday: I was going to go for a run at the gym, but then decided against it because I wasn’t feeling the best physically (thinking that it had something to do with Monday nights yoga). Instead, I decided to roll out, and I ended up using a tennis ball on my hips. It was painful, but it felt pretty good afterwards.


Wednesday: Planned on going to barre class at the gym, but I also got astym/scraping done. The gal I got it done by told me not to run or do anything strenuous for a day or two because of the bruising that comes with the scraping. I am definitely sore from the bruising. The first day wasn’t too bad, Chase had commented and said “what the?!” when I walked in the door looking like this:

Thursday: I wasn’t supposed to run (because of the astym), but I went on a little walk with the dog. You can see the bruising got worse:


Friday: I ended up working late and not being able to go on a shake out run. I was pretty bummed about that.

Saturday: Ran the Addicts 2 Athletes 10k Race. I will give a full race recap on Monday. It ended up being 6.3 miles instead of 6.2, and they said the course would be about a 6.4. I finished it in 1:22:58. I was not going for time, but when my sister decided that she was only going to do the 5k and not finish the 10k, I decided I wanted to see how my training was paying off the last half of the race, I really tried to push it, and ended up running the second 5k in 30:49 (my fastest 5k). I love running with friends and family, I’m still trying to get more people to do distance racing with me. 🙂



Sunday: Rest with lots of stretching! The big week is upon us! :S

As of today:


Total Miles for the week: 6.3 miles
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