Things that are Week 24 of Marathon Training


Monday: Went to Barre. Nothing too special there.

Tuesday: I was going to go running, but I ended up not being able to.

Wednesday: Ran 4.82 at the gym in 1:05. I started getting this weird foot pain and I was really worried about Saturday, and the foot pain.

Thursday: Rest day + went to a place called Sushi Burrito. Its basically a burrito sized sushi roll.

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Ran 26.4 miles in 5:45 in the Huntsville Marathon. A lot slower than I was expecting, but it was hot outside, and that always makes it a hot and crappy run. A full detail of the recap to come.

Total Miles for the Week: 31.22

What’s next you might ask? Well after a few weeks off of running I will start my Dopey Challenge training. So don’t think that training is done! It’s never done in my book!
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