Things that are Training for Dopey Challenge

While I was in week 4 of 24 of marathon training, I signed up for the Dopey Challenge. After I ran THE marathon – I have 15 weeks till the Dopey Challenge. I’m mainly concerned because I will be running 4 consecutive days, and my body is not used to that. I think it would definitely kill me if I tried doing that now.

here's what we're going to do. we are going to run 48.6 miles for fun. and so it begins

I found two training plans: Hal Higdon’s Dopey Challenge and Jeff Galloway’s program with Run Disney. I went with Hal’s Dopey Challenge but changed it for my own running needs and not being able to get in the full 13 weeks. For the marathon – I went sorta off of Hal Higdon’s Marathon 3 for my training, but I ended up having to tweek it due to my knee being injured at the end of May. Surprisingly I did not injure myself and had a injury free marathon.

my training plan for the dopey challenge

Though my training has already begun, I will not be running for the next 2 weeks. I am going to strengthen up (barre class, strength training) and do a lot of lower impact exercises. That will get my heart rate up, but should not have an impact on fertility. My previous post on Running and Fertility talked about not running during the two week wait (2ww).

I will again keep an account of my training plans because I think it can help someone who wants to start but doesn’t know how or where to go to find training helps.

i run 48.6 miles dopey challenge

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