Things that are Dopey Challenge Training Week 2

Dopey Challenge Training recap:

dopey challenge training

Monday: I went to Barre class. Since I haven’t been going to class regularly the classes have been kicking my butt! The classes usually consist of an arm workout, a leg workout (using ballet moves), and then an ab workout. We use chairs because they don’t have bars yet. The teacher is hopeful that they will be installed soon!

Tuesday: I ended up not doing any type of exercise.

Wednesday: Didn’t get to the gym because I had a church meeting.

Thursday: I went to a spin class for the first time at the gym. It was a lot of fun, and my butt is sore. It definitely was a cardio workout that I needed.

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Went for a 3.17 mile run. It was super nice outside. I was going to run a little bit more, but decided not to, and glad I didn’t because I’m sore now. Ran me some angry miles and it felt great!

Sunday: Rest day.

Total miles for the week: 3.17

I’ll be honest. It makes me really tired thinking about training for another marathon. I’m not really training for just a marathon, but the dopey challenge which is a little harder! Any pointers or words of encouragement to help me get me more motivated would be great!
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