Things that are Dopey Challenge Training Week 3

dopey challenge training week 3

Monday: Did a set of squats and lunges, and felt as though I was going to die! My legs aren’t loving me, I guess that means I need to do more to get stronger. 😉

Tuesday: 3 miles were on the schedule. Chase was gone to Miami, and I really didn’t feel like running. But, I told myself that I would run at least a mile and see how I felt. I started running, and felt pretty good so I kept going, and ended up running the full 3.05 miles.

The only bad workout is the one that didn't happen

Wednesday: Barre workout at the gym was on the schedule. Since it was Halloween week they had black lights out. The teacher turned off the lights for the first 35 minutes, and the last few she turned them on. I wish I had taken a picture with the lights out – it was pretty cool. I wore a bright yellow shirt which made me stand out! You can see one of the black lights in the upper right corner of the picture.

barre workout with black lights dopey challenge training

Thursday: 6 miles were on the training schedule. It was raining on and off during the day, and was drizzling when I went out. I have decided that I don’t like running in the cold. So this week has been mentally hard for me, and the weather was not my favorite so it seemed like it was a chore for me to get out the door. I ended up running 5.54 miles, and ran out near Utah Lake.

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Ended up being a rest day. Though, I cleaned a few rooms in my house, so there was some exercise thrown in there. 🙂

Sunday: Rest Day

Total Miles:  8.6 – not very high, but the temps changing, and sickness going around it’s going to make it a bit harder… But I’m willing to take the challenge.

P.S. There are only going to be 13 weeks of training (including race week) instead of the 24 I had for marathon training…

P.P.S. From now on I am going to be wearing ear muffs/headbands due to headaches incurred from cold weather. brrr….

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