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I’m linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons

1. This is the first time that I am linking up with this particular link up party – which you should join by the way… I’ve been trying to come up with better content for the blog lately, and thought this would help spark some randomness and maybe future posts?!

2. I haven’t eaten out in over a month! A MONTH! I am seriously dying for some french fries right now! Anyone want to bring me some? If you must ask – Cause I know you’re thinking it… Chase and I are on strict budget (we’re trying to pay off debt), and our eating out budget got thrown out the window. We are living off of $100 a month for food, you may think that’s impossible, but let me tell you, IT’S POSSIBLE!

3. I seriously love Panera Bread. It’s my favorite restaurant… But I only go there for the Pumpkin Muffin Toppers. Utah unfortunately doesn’t have a Panera, so I have to find my fix elsewhere. The next best choice is Costco for pumpkin muffins. I could probably eat the whole pack in a day or two. The next best place that I have found is Kneaders, and they have pumpkin bread which is pretty darn incredible! The photo below is Costco’s muffin:

4. I went for a run tonight and I about froze (See Instagram). Plus it was about 55 degrees in the warehouse I work at this morning… Not complaining, just happy I’m in warm clothes and slippers now.

5. I am looking for a good pair of running pants, and have no idea where to start looking for them at. I need cheap good running pants!

6. And I always enjoy good infertility humor:

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