Things that are Dopey Challenge Training Week 6

dopey challenge training week 6

Monday: I did my squat and reverse lunge sets that have been given to me by my Chiropractor to strengthen my legs.

Tuesday: Ran 2.03 miles on a treadmill, and I bought myself a new pair of altra’s that I had to break in and try out.

Wednesday: I did my new 3.06 miles loop that I really love around my neighborhood. I also tripped and fell. Normally falling feels like slow motion, but it wasn’t in slow motion for me. Thankfully no scratches or bruises, and I was able to get up pretty quick and start running again. I noticed I ripped my gloves when I got home.

ripped glove from falling while running training for the dopey challenge
feeling good after falling down. training for the dopey challenge

Thursday: Met with my chiropractor, I told him my calves have been pretty sore, and he thinks that its from the increase of mileage and me wearing my Altra’s. He suggested wearing different running shoes for some shorter runs, and maybe do a week with just treadmill running. He did a lot of electric acupuncture on my legs where my IT band is and did some needles on my calf too. I like to count how many needles he uses, and total for that visit was 13, which was the most he’s ever used.

electrical acupuncture on my IT band and Calf training for the dopey challenge
electrical acupuncture on my calf training for the dopey challenge

Friday: 6 miles were on the schedule, but I was very tired and very emotional so I ended up not running at all. I get this way when I haven’t had enough sleep and I stress myself out.

Saturday: I planned on running 12 miles, but it was about 10am when I finally got out. It was too late in the day for me, and my brain had already woken up so my body decided to make excuses. I only ran 1.86 miles and called it quits. Not sure what is going on with my Saturday long runs, but I know what to do to change it. Hopefully next week will be much better.

Sunday: Rest Day

Total Miles for the Week: 6.95 miles

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