Things that are Dopey Challenge Training Week 8

You ever have those weeks where it’s just all time stressful? Yeah, that was this week! That’s why I’m a day late posting my weekly training recap…

Monday: I was planning on running to the gym, going to Barre, and then run home. That didn’t work, I ended up driving to the last 30 minutes of Barre, tried to do some weights in the weight room (it was WAY too crowded) and only being able to run a mile on the treadmill before calling it quits.

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: Sumo squats, reverse lunges, and girly push-ups. That’s all that I was able to get myself to do.

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Ran 7.17 miles, I wasn’t trying to shoot for a particular pace, but I just needed to be getting some miles in.

 I saw a glimpse at the Timpanogos Temple (the little white dot in the picture), you can see it better with the naked eye, rather than a camera. 

Saturday: 18 miles were on the schedule, and I ran 18.04 miles. I started shortly after 8:30 and finished just after noon. It took me 3:43 minutes. My pace was fairly consistent the whole run, but I did feel like I took more walking breaks than normal. There was a point where I said hi to this guy who was walking the opposite direction of me. He gave me the creeps, so I kept running past him. Well I stopped shortly up the trail, and turned back around, and he was following me. It scared me enough that I started running and I kept on running. I was hoping that I could get as much distance from him from me, and I surely did. I’ve never had that fight or flight feeling in my stomach, but wow I was really moving and it’s crazy when the adrenalin kicks in. I actually said a prayer before my run to keep me safe, and to stay injury free, and guess what?! It helped, and I’m ever thankful that I was kept safe.

 I was pretty tired after running 3.5 hours, and boy was I glad to see that little below showing 1 mile left of the trail I was on!

Chase brought the dogs with him to come get me… and only the punk wanted to get in the picture with me! 🙂

A few hours after my run I think my calves were really tight and something happened with my Achilles tendon, and throughout the night it felt bruised, and it got harder and harder for me to walk. That night (after our ward Christmas party) I used some tiger balm, and massaged it. Sunday I woke up and it was still pretty tight. After a few hours of walking up and down the stairs without shoes on it started feeling a lot better. I massaged it again before church – but with different cream, then again before bed. It is now doing a lot better and I may be able to go for a run tomorrow.

Sunday: Rest Day

Total Miles for the Week: 25.2 miles
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