Things that are Dopey Challenge Training Week 9

Dopey challenge training week 9

Monday: Barre class – There were so many people there. The teacher is amazing and she’s the only one I like going to.

Tuesday: Ran 4.03 miles on the treadmill in 48:28. Not my fastest time, but I was on my feet which is what matters. I watched Dr. Who while I was running. Normally I am constantly thinking of how much I hate being on the treadmill, but I was surprised to find watching a TV show helped me. I’ve tried several times to read, but I feel like I bounce too much to focus on words.

Yay for working out!

Wednesday: A busy schedule had me wondering if I would be able to run, and things ended up working in my favor and I was able to get a run in. I did 3.10 miles in 30:20. My pace is a lot quicker with colder temperatures. Either that or all this strength training is really paying off! 😉

running in utah with a beautiful sunset
 Really pretty Sunset against the mountains

Thursday: I had an appointment with my chiropractor, which was heavenly. He massaged my ankle and calves after telling him what happened on Saturday’s long run. He was happy that I was starting to do more strength training.

Friday: I ran 5.38 miles. 6 were on the schedule, but the route didn’t get me all 6 miles. My calves were on fire the first couple of miles. I kept stopping and stretching and walking. Not sure if it was from my foot placement, or the fact that my legs were warmed up but I noticed I was running funny, and changed my foot placement and then my calves stopped hurting.

Saturday: Friday night I was really struggling and I did not want to go for a run. I was mentally trying to prepare for my run, and it was not happening. Well I randomly remembered that I could find my bib number for the Dopey Challenge. So I looked my number up and that started getting me excited for running. Which got me a little pumped to run 16 miles. There were a few tough beginning miles and had trouble getting into a groove. When I finally looked down at my watch and saw I only had 3 miles left, it made me pretty happy. I actually ran this 16 miles about 10 minutes faster (3:16) than my previous 16 miles that I did in training for the Huntsville Marathon.

happy to be done running 16 miles

Sunday: Rest Day

sunday rest day, and foam rolling
Hurley wanted to lay on my while I was foam rolling today

Total Miles for the week: 28.5 miles

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