Things that are Dopey Challenge Training Week 9

Monday: Barre class – I was surprised at how many people were there. I love the teacher and she’s the only one I like going to. 

Tuesday: Ran 4.03 miles on the treadmill, and ran it in 48:28. Not my fastest time, but I was on my feet which is what really matters most. I watched Dr. Who while I was running. I think actually watching a TV show helped a lot. Normally I am constantly thinking of how much I hate being on the treadmill while running on the treadmill, but I was surprised to find watching a TV show helped me. I’ve tried several times to try and read, but I feel like I bounce too much to focus on words.

Wednesday: I was thinking that I wasn’t going to have enough time to go running, and things ended up working out in my favor and I was able to get a run in. I did 3.10 miles, but it was a fast 3 miles, and ran it in 30:20. I think I do better when it’s cold outside as far as my pace. Either that or all this strength training is really paying off! 😉

 Really pretty Sunset against the mountains

Thursday: I had an appointment with my chiropractor, which was heavenly. He massaged my ankle and calves after telling him what happened on Saturday’s long run. I told him I was doing a lot more strength training and he was really happy with that.

Friday: I ran 5.38 miles. 6 were on the schedule, but the route that I took didn’t get me all of the 6 miles. I really struggled with running the first few miles, because my calves were on fire. I kept stopping and stretching as well as walking. I realized that I was running funny, and changed up how my feet were landing on the ground, and it seemed to work, because my calves stopped hurting. Not sure if it was from my foot placement, or the fact that my legs were warmed up.

Saturday: So Friday night I was really struggling and I seriously wanted to not go out and run. I was mentally trying to prepare for my run, and it was not happening. Well I randomly remembered that I could find my bib number for the Dopey Challenge. So I got on to the Facebook group and looked it up and sure enough that started getting me excited for it, and it got me a little pumped to run 16 miles. I had a few tough beginning miles and had trouble getting into a groove. Once I got into the groove I felt like I could run a long time, then I would slow to a walk so I could take a drink and take in some gels. When I finally looked down at my watch and saw I only had 3 miles left, it made me pretty happy. I actually ran this 16 miles 10 minutes faster (3:16) than my previous 16 miles that I did in training for the Huntsville Marathon.

Sunday: Rest Day

Hurley wanted to lay on my while I was foam rolling today

Total Miles for the week: 28.5 miles
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