Things that are Dopey Challenge Training Week 10

I completed a 3/4 Dopey Challenge this week, and it was definitely mentally and physically hard on my body. Thankfully, this was my last week of training hard core. The next 2 weeks are taper for me. Woo Woo!

Monday: Turned into a rest day. This has nothing to do with training, but Chase and I met with a couple that went through IVF for dinner, and briefly talked about a lot of different stuff, and I have someone I can talk to about all the ins and outs and they had the same Dr. that I do. So that should help with my January IVF cycle.

Tuesday: I went to barre class. There were only 4 in the class aside from the teacher. It was crazy small, and she didn’t stop for any breaks. I was dying by the end, and my legs are definitely sore.

Wednesday: 2.51 treadmill miles while I watched House. It kept me quite entertained.

Thursday: 5.15 treadmill miles while I finished watching the episode of House from the night before and watched another episode all while running. It was nice, and I just kept it at a slow and steady pace to have somewhat fresh legs for my longer runs.

Friday: 10 miles were on the schedule, but somehow the whole week I thought I was running 11. So I ended up running 11.3 miles. I got dropped off roughly 11 miles away from home and then ran home. My work’s Christmas party was during lunch and I think I ate too much, because I got a sharp pain in my stomach only when I ran never when I walked which started around mile 3. It was really weird, and eventually went away.

Saturday: I didn’t really feel like getting up before the sun to go run in freezing temperatures, so I decided an extra hour of sleep would be nice and beneficial. I ran on two of my favorite trails. I did a total of 20 miles, though my GPS decided to cut out at 12.3 miles, after restarting my watch and recalculating the two distances it only added up to 19.73 miles.

I was having a serious mental issues with running and staying running. I definitely was having bowel problems and stopped at the 3 trail heads (about 2-3 miles between each) along the way to use the bathroom. I think with all the medicine that I have been taking, along with birth control, has made me constipated (TMI?! – I’m a runner we like to talk about this crap! 😉 I felt a little better by the 3rd stop. Chase met me about half way, and gave me some powerade and a granola bar (I was so hungry, so it was nice to have some food in my belly). I’m just glad I completed the 20 without any injury. Just sore and

Sunday: Rest Day.

Total Miles for the week: 38.96 miles
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