Things that are Dopey Challenge Week 13 + Race Week

Monday: Rest Day – Chase and I packed and flew a red eye out to Orlando, FL.

Tuesday: Since we only got 2-3 hours of sleep there was no way I was getting in a workout.

Wednesday: Our friends we are staying with didn’t fly in till around 2-3am, and then after only having a few more hours, we hit up the expo and just played around, and took care of some business. Like deciding what to wear for our costumes.

Thursday: Ran the 5k (3.41 miles total with stopping for characters and minor detours) and then went to Hollywood Studios and walked around and got about 23,000 steps in just with the 5k and walking around the park. I also dressed up as Iron Man for the 5k!

Friday: Ran the 10k (6.5 miles total with stopping for characters) in the rain, and then went to Animal Kingdom, and walked a total of 30,000 steps for the day. I dressed up as Rapunzel for the 10k and got soaking wet.

Saturday: Ran the half marathon (13.5 miles with stopping for characters and weaving in and out of people) on my birthday (yay for being the big 30!) and then walked and played around Magic Kingdom for a few hours with steps totaling in 36,000 for the day (some other bloggers have mentioned resting and relaxing after the half so you have fresh legs for the next day – but we didn’t listen). We wore running shirts that said “Forget the glass slippers this princess wear running shoes” and then Dan wore Prince Charming shirt (front side, and then the back said “why are all these princesses chasing me?”

Sunday: Ran my first Sunday race and did a whopping 26.2 miles (aka a Marathon – which ended up being around 27-28 miles (my gps died at I think mile marker 24, so I’m not 100% sure). We also went to Epcot for the last day and only did 2 rides (at least I did) and totaled 66,000 steps for the day. I just can’t believe I was still upright and walking by the end of the marathon.

Total Miles for the Week: 48.6 for Dopey Challenge – my total I figured: 50.41

Race Recaps to follow!

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