Things that are Dopey Challenge Day 1: Pluto 5k

We picked up all of our race packets up on Wednesday at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex located on Disney property. We had 2 sets of bibs, one for the 5k and 10k and the other for the half and full marathon. You could tell who had signed up for Dopey Challenge, Goofy, and just the regular races by their bib colors and the picture on their bibs. Ours all had Dopey on them.

Thursday morning we had an early wake up call of 3:30am, and the race started at 6:00am. Since it was so early we didn’t bother getting our spouses up to go to the race because it was a 5k and they wouldn’t be able to see us running.

A side note: I started fertility injections Wednesday, and had to take my drugs with me to the race each day and give myself injections each and every day. So my friends got to watch and help every morning at around 5:00am. P.S. The RE told me I could run while being on injections, the cut off date for stopping high intensity exercise was set for 1/15/16.

There were 20,000 people who signed up to run the 5k, or participate in the Dopey Challenge (which includes the 5k).

Before the race bathroom selfie – tired, but ready to rock it!


5k is in blue, 10k is in red

We had to be in our corral around 5:30am (we didn’t get into our corral until 5:45 and were towards the back of our corral). It also was a 20 minute drive from where we stayed at – which if there ever is a next time I hope we can stay closer to Disney property, so we don’t have to be up so darn early.

There were lots of places for us to take pictures We got this one in this same spot every day with our cute new outfits.
We saw Tron like characters

All 4 races started and finished at Epcot. Thankfully we never had any issues with parking aside from me getting lost trying to find the parking lot for the 5k. The GPS was taking me to actual Epcot instead of the parking lots for Epcot. There is a difference, you must know that.

Lots of port-a-potties

It was about 50-60 degrees outside, for this race. Which once you start running its a lot warmer, and is great running weather, seriously the best.

All 4 of us were not in it for the race times we were there to, have fun, take pictures and complete the challenge in one piece (no injuries or accidents). We dressed up in costumes, and were “super heros,” but Shelly didn’t get the memo that Super Man is in the DC universe not Marvel (thank you Chase for keeping me straight). We had Flash, Captain America, Iron Man, and Super Man/Woman.

We were in corral B, and we started about 15-30 minutes after the first corral started. They started each corral with fireworks. I dig that!

That guy’s hat was pretty cool (can you see it?)
Selfies while waiting in our corral
 Fireworks at the beginning of corral B
Massive amounts of people in our corral
Cute lady dressed up as Cruella with her little Dalmations

The first characters we saw while running were Chip and Dale (I could tell it was them running up to them with their theme music playing). We decided not to stop for them, and kept on running.


Running around Epcot (I was seriously running while I was taking this – that’s probably why it’s such a bad picture)
I was happy that Disney World still had the majority of their Christmas decorations up!
They had amazing Volunteer’s – who cheered us on the entire time!
And TONS of tables with water and powerade

A volunteer took a picture for us

Then we ran into Timon from The Lion King, and got a picture. It was too bad Simba or Pumba weren’t there… At this point we were running through Epcot Park (around the world part – if you’ve been there before), which was pretty cool since we hadn’t spent a day in that park yet.
 Me and Timon
Our Group with Timon
Selfie with Spaceship Earth
 Posing with Spaceship Earth
Yup – Celise snuck in a lovely selfie bomb (hope she doesn’t kill me for sharing this)
Dan and I on the other side of Spaceship Earth
The Dopey Team

Next we saw Marie (I think) from The AristoCats, and we didn’t want to stop and take a picture with her. Then we saw Stitch and stopped and took a picture, at that point we were almost done the race.

 Waiting in line for Stitch – most Character lines took about 5-10 minutes, but averaged 5 minutes.
Me with Stitch


And a group photo

We ran around Spaceship Earth, which was all lit up and pretty.

Spaceship Earth before the sunrise


 Mile 3 selfie – cause I really did it yo!


 Pluto 5k Finish

We finished the 5k (my watch said 3.41 miles) in 1:01:52. That was the longest 5k I have ever run before. We also needed to take it easy for the next 3 days of racing to come.

Celise, Shelly, Me, Dan
Pros: 2 water stations, We got to run around Epcot, The weather was great! Great organized finish and start, and lots of photo pass photographers, They handed out full water bottles and powerade at the finish, and we got a medal for completing the 5k, I had never done corrals before and it was great for crowd control.
Cons: Wall to wall people (which can be a pro and a con sometimes), It took almost 15 minutes for each corral to get to the starting line (maybe longer), It was still somewhat dark when we got finished, and I wish the photo pass photographers had switched with the water/powerade bottles that were handed out, so we didn’t have to set our stuff down to get a good finish picture as a group, I also wished there had been a “RunDisney” sign to get to Epcot for those out-of-towners.

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  1. Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian

    January 16, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    I love your costume! Congrats on finishing the race. It sounds like it was a blast, even if it was absolutely packed!

  2. Celise

    January 16, 2016 at 8:28 pm

    Love the recap! So fun! I busted up that you included my photobomb picture, hahaha.

  3. Tedi Palmer

    January 19, 2016 at 4:46 pm

    Thanks! Disney races are definitely one of my favorites and I know why they sell out each and every year!

  4. Tedi Palmer

    January 19, 2016 at 4:46 pm

    Well it was an important part of the recap. 😉

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