Things that are Dopey Challenge Day 2: Minnie 10k

Day 2 of the Dopey Challenge Training. We got up (or at least I did) at 2:45am and were out the door by 3:15am, the 10k started at 5:35am, and we knew traffic would be bad – or at least we expected it to be bad. We waited in the car for about an hour once we got to Epcot because it was warm, and also because it was raining. We knew that it would be raining at least 2 of the days we were there. But were praying for good weather, and it didn’t happen. We were in the same corral as the previous day (same bib from the 5k), corral B.


We all dressed up as princesses, except Dan he was prince Charming
Snow White, Prince Charming, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel
The course was a little different from the 5k, the previous day. We did a longer loop out on one of the main roads. We were supposed to see Christoph, Elsa and Anna just after the start, but due to the weather they were in their nice cozy trailer. It was too bad they weren’t out there. 🙁
The first character we ran into was from Tale Spin, just after the first mile.
I know there was another character in between Tale Spin and Mulan, I think it was Chip and Dale, but I can’t remember… But it could’ve also been from the weather that they weren’t out taking pictures.
Mulan and Mushu braved the weather. I was glad to get with a Disney Princess for us being dressed as princesses. Dan didn’t want a picture with Mulan.


Another shot of Epcot you can see how cloudy it is.
After running around the world (not sure what exactly it is called) we ran to the resort part of Epcot, it was all a boardwalk (not the best when you are running in the rain). Dan kept slipping, and you could hear him slipping. We didn’t want any injuries so we took it a little slower during that part. There were lots of spectators cheering us who were staying at the resort.
I kept my phone in my Spibelt for pretty much the whole race because of the rain. We ran around Spaceship Earth and I had to get a moving picture.
I think because of the rain we ran a bit faster than we had expected. Plus there weren’t hardly any characters out to take photos with
Coming in to the finish with all the cold and wet spectators


The 10k Minnie Finish


All of us after we finished the wet and cold 10k
I’m a finisher
Since it was raining (have I said that enough to make you sick of me saying it yet?!) Dopey wasn’t around to take pictures. So we took a picture with the back drop just in case we weren’t able to see Dopey for the half and full
We finished the 10k race in 1:23:32. My GPS recorded us running 6.5 miles instead of the 6.2 miles. There were about 12,600+ people who signed up for the 10k and/or Dopey Challenge. So it was a lot of people running.
Pros: 3 water stations, We got to run around Epcot, It was a great organized start and finish, They handed out full water bottles and powerade at the finish and a little box full of food (had a protein bar, chips and nacho cheese, some fruit snacks, and a mini pack of oreos), as well as emergency blankets to help keep us warm and not get hypothermia, we got a medal for completing the 10k.
Cons: Wall to wall people (which can be a pro and a con sometimes), It took 15-20 minutes for each corral to get to the starting line (maybe longer), the photo pass photographers needed to be switched with the water/powerade bottles that were handed out so we didn’t have to set our stuff down to get a good finish picture as a group, it rained and was wet and cold, before during and after the race.

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  1. Celise

    January 16, 2016 at 8:29 pm

    We are adorable! 🙂

  2. Tedi Palmer

    January 19, 2016 at 4:47 pm

    I know! There were a LOT of creative costumes!

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