Things that are Starting In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Our IVF Journey

Our IVF Journey started when Chase and I went in for our IVF consult after the appointment with our RE who said the next best option would be IVF. At that appointment my coordinator gave me a calendar of when to start and stop all fertility medications. So once I start a medication, I take it until my stop date or until they tell me to stop. I also signed up for a “shot class” (#awholenewmeaningtobodyshots) to help me understand how to use and mix my injections.

Starting Fertility Supplements

My RE wanted me to start by taking his super pills, which are supposed to help with egg quality. Once Aunt Flo (AF) came in December I was put on birth control (BC) to help suppress my ovaries. They don’t want them producing eggs, and it’s to give the RE and the clinic more control over my cycle. I do not like the side effects of BC; cramping, bloating, weight gain, as well as horrible mood swings (sorry Chase), but I knew the pills are necessary. So I kept taking them (with knowing when the stop date is to help me cope with the side effects) and knew that there would be a day where I would not be on them anymore = Happy Tedi.

Baseline Scheduled

My baseline appointment was scheduled for January 4th – they always start with an ultrasound (aka: “Wanda”, the probe, transvaginal ultrasound, etc). While they were checking my lining they found a cyst on my left ovary, they drew my blood to see if the cyst was estrogen producing (which would be a bad thing if it was). I got a call from the clinic later that day and they told me my lining was great and my estrogen level was where it needed to be. Yay! For no estrogen producing cyst! The clinic said that it is common for women to get cysts each cycle and they do go away on their own once your period starts. They told me to proceed with my calendar schedule for injections. They had also mentioned that I may not start my period. I was hopeful that AF wouldn’t come seeing as I would be on vacation and running a lot (hello 48.6 miles). Well sure enough AF came to visit, and stayed until marathon morning (why is it that AF always likes to come with big races?!). Seriously – she couldn’t have just not showed up!? GrrWhile at the baseline appointment Chase and I payed the deposit for our IVF cycle. If you are paying cash, then you would have to pay the full amount at that time. They break everything down and you just pay one lump sum, so you aren’t having to pay at each visit. It was nice to only have to pay once, but it was a fairly large bill.

Paying our IVF Bill

All you need in order to start the IVF process is have cash or insurance that will pay for the big bill. You know the price of IVF is about that of a newer used car ($10,000-18,000). So Chase and I should, at this point have a gently used car (maybe another one with all the IUI’s we did last year?). It just shows that fertility costs are super expensive, and more insurances, and employers should add infertility coverage for their employees, since it wouldn’t increase the premium by much.


  1. IVF Centre in Delhi

    January 25, 2016 at 8:28 am

    Thank you so much for sharing such a raw and inspiring post. This is a great stuff about infertility.

  2. Tedi Palmer

    January 30, 2016 at 12:04 am

    Glad you are enjoying my posts.

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