Things that are Memorial Day 5k/10k/1mile Race Recap 2016

I ran this race last year and loved it aside from the massive hills that were at every corner. I was hoping that it wasn’t going to be too bad this year. Then I got an email from the race directors who said they changed courses and it will be fast and flat! Woo Woo!

So I signed up for the race back in April and I was so excited to run the 10k. Since I had never done a speedy training plan. I had to really search and decide what I wanted to do. So I figured out what speed I needed to run the race to be under an hour. It consisted of speed work, obviously.

Let me back up for a minute. I hurt my knee back in February shortly after I miscarried when I stepped and twisted wrong off a ladder. It didn’t affect me from walking so I didn’t see a need to go see my chiropractor.

Fast forward to the beginning of April. When I started my training for the 10k, my knee started hurting only after I would run, never during. So I finally decided I should visit my buddy, the chiropractor. After a few visits he told me he thought it was something to do with a tendon and said it would probably take longer to heal. At first he didn’t want me to run, but after a few visits he said I could run, but to take it easy.

My “taking it easy” turned into not running or doing any other type of physical activity. It was also during this time that I thought I could handle everything going on (fundraiser, work, home life, and trying to run). I got really depressed (from the depo-lupron) and didn’t want to do anything – like anything. I could tell something wasn’t right in my mind, I wasn’t myself. I wasn’t thinking logically, and all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch TV – which is not like me. I got on a vitamin called Niacin, which I will definitely talk more on in a later post.

Once I started feeling a bit better (mentally) I decided I needed to at least incorporate strength training back into my exercise and that it was OKAY to not do cardio. I started going to Barre, but I wasn’t consistent in attending. But I recognized that I felt good afterwards.

So the weekish of the race comes… I go out on Saturday (May 28) and do my best to run a relaxing few miles. I only made it to 1.8 miles before saying my knee was pretty sore and that I should probably call it a day. After that run I decided I probably shouldn’t run the 10k, so I switched to running the 5k. I told my running friend Alli, that I would only run it with her if she stayed with me. Because I needed that friend support, and we hardly get to run together.

Alli and I started at a fairly good slowish pace (my watch hadn’t gotten satellite signal yet) and I could still talk. Then she found a friend from a previous ward, and we ran with her the rest of the race. I started pushing it, because I normally don’t run that fast. It was flat and it felt great!

Well we finished the race in 29:37ish. We started a few minutes after the gun went off so I had to recalculate the time. So that’s the time I think I ran… My actual time was 32:37.

Overall it was definitely a FUN race. MUCH better than last year. Last years course was SO extremely hilly!

Will I run this race again – yes! It is a fun tradition! Just no more injuries please.

Pros: Running with friends, Possible PR – hello flat course, Great Food at the end of the race, Lots of people to Run with.
Cons: Lots of people which took us a few minutes to cross the starting line, No race results (it was a free race).
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