Things that are a Race Recap: Freedom Days 5k/10k/1mile 2016

Before I begin giving my race recap I wanted to say that I was not planning on running this race. I was not planning on running at all until my bum knee started to heal. It has been doing A LOT better and I didn’t ever feel it while I was walking around over the past month and a half. Which is great news knowing that it is healing and that I can feel it’s doing better.

I was on Facebook Pages Feed (where you can view all the pages that you like) and noticed an update from the Freedom Days, asking for volunteers. I thought it would be fun to volunteer for the race on race day or just help out with packet pick up. So I signed up to volunteer for packet pick up. While I was viewing the application I noticed it mention if you volunteer for at least 6 hours you get a free race entry. So I helped out with packet pick up the Saturday before the race, and I got an awesome neon yellow shirt (hello my favorite color) for volunteering.

July 4th was race day. Chase and I got up at 6, got ready, got some breakfast and headed out the door. We parked about a 1/2 – 3/4 mile from the race start and only about 1/4 mile away from the finish.

On my walk to the race start it rained for 0.25 seconds. It was cold with it already being a little on the cool side. I brought headphones to listen to podcast or music and decided to not run with headphones because I remembered them playing music along the way.

We started promptly at 7am and it took me a good 3-4 minutes to get across the starting line. The starting point wasn’t very large for the amount of people that were running the 5k. So it took a little bit longer to get through.

We hadn’t even gotten a mile under our belt and I (and a few people around me) heard a spectator yell “You’re almost there.” I looked around gave a weird look, and commented to a few people around me that we hadn’t even run a mile yet.

I was wanting to see how I would do (with my knee) and looked down and saw my pace was around 9:00 per mile. I felt good and didn’t feel I needed to slow down and that I could handle that pace for a few miles with knowing that the last quarter of a mile was all uphill. I ran past the water stations knowing I wasn’t too thirsty and could wait another half mile before I reached the finish line. I felt good and strong and that’s what kept me going.

Out of the thousands of people that were lined up along the parade route I saw 1 person I knew. I’m glad he said something because I would have never seen him.

I ended up running the race in 30:24, my average pace was 9:48 per mile. It’s the best I’ve done in a while, and I think it’s because of all that strength training I’ve been doing. Which is now encouraging me to do more of it.

In 2014 I ran the 5k in 35:33 and I was running with Chase. In 2012 I ran the 10k in 1:07:53. It’s always fun to see how I’ve done previous years.

Will I run this race again? Yes! Of Course! It’s tradition – whether that be walking the one mile with future children, or gearing up to run a speedy 10k.

Pros: Running solo, Spectators all along the course cheering you on, a LOT of food at the finish, water bottles instead of cups.

Cons: Finish on an uphill (it will probably be the same every year), race start was very congested and very narrow, I had to clip my own timing chip off my shoe – which isn’t a big deal I just don’t think people were aware that they needed to take their chip off.

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