Things that are IVF Take 2: Injections, & Egg Retrieval

I’ll be honest, ever since I had my breakdown after meeting with my coordinator I haven’t quite been “in this” cycle. I have been trying to take things day to day rather than seeking what lies ahead. I didn’t keep track of how many follicles I had or what my estrogen was at mainly because I didn’t feel like there was this “need” to keep up with it. Yes I prayed extra hard that there would be more than 5 follicles retrieved, but that was pretty much the extent of it.

Like last time I kept a journal of how many times I went in for appointments. There were ultrasounds with “wanda” as No Bun In The Oven would say, as well as a blood draw to check my estrogen at each appointment.

This box was huge with all my meds, sans meds


My schedule for daily shots were:

225 Gonalf
150 Gonalf
1ml Menopur

I did daily shots for 12.5 days. From July 12-25, then I triggered ovulation at 1:00AM on Monday, for a Wednesday 1:00PM egg retrieval.

Day 4 of my stims (what are called stimulations, because the ovaries are being overstimulated) my body decided it wanted to start bleeding. I was devastated! I thought the cycle was over, and that I was just going to be wasting all of this money on meds when my uterine lining wasn’t gonna be perfect (because that’s what breaks down with each period). And of course this happened on a weekend! I called our awesome on-call nurse and she said she would get me in for an appointment. Well… crisis averted my lining was fine and I got put back on estrace (estradial) and I started taking it twice a day to help the bleeding stop, and it did after a few days. **Remember I’ve had no estrogen in me, and then all of a sudden I’m pumping myself full of it (stims & estrace)!**


Towards the end of the 12 days my follicles weren’t responding as well to all the injections as the should have been. I kept hoping that “today is the day,” for egg retrieval, but it never was. I went into my clinic for 6 days in a row. That meant me and my not so lovely friend “wanda”got to meet for 6 days straight, as well as my arm being bruised and sore from being poked to check my estrogen levels. Lets be real – I was pretty stinking upset at my body for not responding the way that it was supposed to.

I was a little nervous for Egg Retrieval. With having done it before, I felt it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. It was the fact that I would be put under anesthesia once again, that made me nervous. I got a blessing from Chase to help calm me down, and it helped a lot.

Egg Retrieval (ER) wasn’t until 1PM and I had to fast from 5AM to 1PM. So I got up at 4:30AM and had a few bowls of cereal and milk, then went back to bed. I didn’t get back to the ER room until 1:30, got poked twice for an IV line, and didn’t wear my socks because I was hot. My RE, the anesthesiologist, and one of the nurses all had hair caps on, and I said “what, I don’t get to wear one?!” So they got me a cap and they put it on me, because I couldn’t reach my head. haha


It took them 20 minutes, and only remember getting the oxygen mask put on my face. I was told that I may have some spotting because I started bleeding a little after they retrieved the eggs. My RE came in and told me that he was only able to retrieve 5 eggs. They found several other follicles, but they had no eggs in them (which can be a factor of having low ovarian reserve). He mentioned doing a day 3 transfer instead of a day 5. He said the only reason to do a day 5 would be if we had more embryos, so they could grade them, and put the best quality embryos back in. After speaking to him we both were a little bummed, but put our trust in his knowledge.

hat that is partway on

After we left the clinic and headed to Cafe Rio to get some much needed food, and since Chase didn’t want to eat in front of me. We also felt we both needed something than what we had at home. We got home and both were exhausted from such a day so we took a nap, and waited for me to get the fertilization report the next day.


  1. Anonymous

    August 13, 2016 at 12:15 am

    Awwww I know how tough this is! All the meds and shots, the ups and downs… It's SUPER difficult. Keep your chin up no matter what the outcome. God always has a plan, even if we cannot understand it sometimes. Thanks for sharing your story, you are really brave!


  2. Tedi @ Running with Infertility

    August 17, 2016 at 11:14 pm

    Thanks! Yes, God always has a plan. Just wish I had the playbook. 🙂

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