Things that are IVF Part 2: Embryo Transfer

So after Egg Retrieval (ER), I was feeling okay. Not the best, but not the worst. I knew the next day would be worse then ER day (maybe it’s the drugs from anesthesia).

I decided I would work at least half a day. That was probably the worst idea because being on my feet and moving around probably wasn’t what my body needed. It definitely needed rest. I think if we ever have to do this again I will be sure to take 2 days off for ER.

The day after Egg Retrieval I waited to hear from the embryologist to tell us our fertilization report. Unfortunately, of the 5 eggs that they retrieved, only 4 were mature, and only 2 fertilized. I was/am heartbroken from hearing the news. Why only 2?! Why couldn’t all 4 fertilize?!

The clinic called later that night, and we set things up for a day 3 transfer.

This is me on Valium taking a selfie


Transfer was scheduled for Saturday July 30 at 8:00AM, and I happened to be his first patient. I took my Valium at 7:30, and got to the clinic at 7:45. By that point I was feelin’ good! If you know what I mean! We spoke to our RE before the procedure and we knew we were gonna transfer both embryos. That would give us our best shot once again. My uterus did great, and they put the embryos where they needed to be. I told my RE that I was still cramping a lot post ER, so he prescribed me more Valium. yippie! 😉 They require you to lay there flat (no instruments in place) for about 10 minutes. The nurse gave me instructions on what to do next, with starting nightly suppositories, heparin twice a day, and morning PIO shots as well as including when my beta pregnancy test would be.

I took the Valium per doctors orders (and Tylenol) for 2 days after embryo transfer. I slept most of the time. Which is great, and I didn’t need a lot of people taking care of me.

our day 3 embryos

So now that is over, Chase and I set out to be in the waiting game. It actually went much slower than I expected. I think it goes slow for everyone that is in the #2ww. I focused on being mindful and tried really hard not to think about my upcoming beta test.

2ww shave ice

We decided that we were not going to tell anyone the results. We wanted to keep it between us, for now. I felt like I needed to have some control over this whole process again. My thought is, you wouldn’t tell friends and family, until what – week 10? If you’re a normal couple and don’t have to go through this process, would you tell family and friends after your first initial pregnancy test? I don’t think so, so why should I have to divulge my first pregnancy test?

Finally able to walk after my “princess days” were done


I also felt like last IVF round it was up and down for me and for everyone I told. It was “well I’m pregnant but… my numbers are really low,” and “we are trying to stay cautiously optimistic.” It was really hard for me to tell everyone (over and over again) and was a constant up and down for me. My soul didn’t need that to happen, and it broke my heart every time, and every person I told. What I needed was for me and Chase to stay positive, have faith and trust in God.

We are so beyond grateful for all the love, support, the many prayers and positive thoughts from our friends/family during this whole process.


  1. Belinda

    August 13, 2016 at 12:14 am

    I'm reading along and praying and cheering for you guys!

  2. Daisy Gomez

    August 13, 2016 at 1:41 pm

    Whatever the outcome just know you have many that are praying for you guys. 😊

  3. Rachelle Wardle

    August 15, 2016 at 11:09 pm

    You are amazing and I am praying for the best. Thanks for being so open about your experience.

  4. Tedi @ Running with Infertility

    August 17, 2016 at 11:20 pm

    Thanks Rachelle. It's definitely been hard the past few months with sharing my experience. But I know how helpful it can be for others going through it. 🙂

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