Things that are a Non Profit: The Hope for Fertility Foundation

When Chase and I first started thinking about saving and raising money for us to pay for another IVF cycle, we thought about having a garage sale, a bake sale, and lots of other ideas to help us get to our goal. While undergoing the process of us collecting items for the sale, Chase got talking with friends about starting a nonprofit to help raise more funds by getting businesses to donate items for a silent auction as well as just donations in general.

He (the brains of this operation) then started getting all the documents ready to create this business. I (at the time) was not in my right mind due to the medication (Depo-Lupron) I was on, so I wasn’t 100% sure of how this was going to work out. I wasn’t fully vested in it and I also didn’t feel completely okay with doing this for us. I felt selfish, doing all of this for us, and thought what are we going to do after we’ve raised the money for us?

Once Chase got all the governing documents we needed we mailed it in to the state. They approved our business and Chase sent what we needed off to the IRS to get a tax id so we could start going to businesses and asking for donations. In return for asking for donations we would offer the business a donation receipt so the business could write it off on their taxes.

We started it with just 3 of us; Chase, our friend Jake and I. We have since added 3 additional board members and had 3 board meetings. Together we have have finalized a grant application, set up an application fee ($50) and are going to be attending the Utah Infertility Conference on October 29. We will be holding an additional fundraiser next year, as well as giving away our first grant.

You may be wondering why we are doing this and what’s in it for me and Chase.

Why: Because Chase and I have felt a strong pull to help others struggling with this horrible disease. It’s not fair that insurance doesn’t cover the high costs associated with fertility treatments. It’s not fair that fertility medications are so expensive before undergoing treatments. We both just want to give hope to couples and know that they aren’t alone in their journey.

What’s in it for us: Nothing, we want to be able to help any and all couples be able to have or bring home a child. Though we won’t be able to help all who apply we still want to help whoever we can. Chase and I are also not getting paid for any of the work we put in towards the foundation. It’s all selfless love.

Our hope is that this nonprofit will grow and help many many couples with infertility.

If you have questions about the foundation or want to know more, we have a website and a Facebook page. You can also message me if you have any other questions. We started doing weekly Monday-Friday themed posts on our Facebook page to get couples involved. Every Wednesday we post a Warrior of the Week, and post about a couples infertility journey whether they are still going through their journey or have had a success. We are always looking for couples to spotlight.



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