Things that are Disneyland Half Marathon Race Recap

It was the Saturday before the half marathon, and I got a text from my friend that lives in Vegas asking if I wanted to come run the race with them. Chase said I should go and that it would be fun to get my mind off of our failed ivf cycle. So I told her yes, and made arrangements to get a ride down to Vegas with another friend who was running the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge (10k & Half Marathon).

The Thursday before the race I traveled with friends down to Vegas. The following day Celise and I drove to California and went straight to the expo to get our packets. We both got our wristbands so we could get our Coast to Coast medal at the end of the half marathon.

Walking into the expo
Walking the expo I met up with Kelly who is a founder of Sparkle Athletic. I’ve been following her for some time and she was a doll to talk to.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and then tried to go to bed early so Celise could get enough sleep to run the 10k. I told them I was going to meet up with them at the end of the race and get some pictures.

Celise sent me a tracker and I was able to watch them, I took my time getting to Downtown Disney where they were running through. I happened to check Facebook while I was waiting for them and this popped up:

I teared up. That was the sweetest thing anyone had done for me, and after all that Chase and I had been through to have them both wear the Running with Infertility shirts from our Virtual Race that we put together and have them dedicate the 10k race to me, just made the whole trip.

The following day we had a 3:30am wake up call, got to our shuttle to take us to the park and we walked through Downtown Disney to the family reunion area. Celise and Shelly were in a corral ahead of me, even though I tried hard to let the volunteers let me into their corral. It didn’t make it any easier when I saw several other runners who should have been in later corrals be in the corral in front of me. We were all really upset at that. But we planned on where I would meet up with them before we parted ways.

I was on the front line of my corral. I’ve never been a starter for a corral, and it actually gave me butterflies.


 Mickey and Pluto cheering us on!
I also saw the Balloon Ladies! They’re REAL guys! Not fake! Not rumored!
Stopped for a brief photo op

I ran about half a mile and caught up to my pals. We made sure to hit up all of the characters in the park, knowing that after only 4 miles in the park would be running on the streets of Anaheim.

We saw Shelly’s husband who paid to be part of the “chEAR squad” which allowed him and several others into California Adventure. Disney would not let the general public who came to cheer us on into the parks. Which was a bummer!

 Tower of Terror – probably the last time I’ll see this ride…


 Always a hand stand!
Storm Troopers
 Disney Half Marathon Sign
 Aurora and Prince Phillip


Other side of the castle. I like Disney World’s castle better.

After we ran the 4 miles in the parks we were on the streets of Anaheim. Which ended up feeling like a typical half marathon race. I was hoping that there would be music playing throughout the run, which didn’t happen.

One of the best motivational signs I’ve seen.


At mile 6-7 both of my IT bands started freaking out and I was in a ton of pain. Thankfully the aid stations had biofreeze and I rubbed my legs out. It would help for a few miles and then they would seize up again and would apply more at the next aid station. With those tough miles and not having music I really tried focusing on being in that mile that I was in, and that really helped me enjoy it even though I was in pain.

We ran through Angel’s stadium around mile 9. There was a huge crowd there with lots of youth – boy scouts/girl scouts cheering us on. That was pretty fun.



I was bummed that we didn’t run through Downtown Disney to finish the race. But hey I finished having not trained for this half marathon.

 I was SO glad to be done! You can see it in the back.
 All finished! It went by quicker than I had expected.
 My two medals!
All 3 of us (sad that Dan didn’t participate) with our medals

After the race on our way back to the shuttle we had to get bag checked for the 2nd time. Disney has a bag check before you buy tickets to the park. We were not planning on going into the parks we were just on our way through to the shuttle. Disney did not have a “no bag” line, or a “runner only” line so we waited for 40 minutes to get our clear bags checked to walk to our shuttle to get back to our hotel.

We finished the 13.43 mile run in 3:03:37. Which is better than our last half that we did in Florida.

Pros: Lots of aid stations/water stations, Felt like I could really run a lot (sea level), Volunteers were always smiling and helpful, Full water bottles and Powerade at the finish, I got to be in corral D.

Cons: The fact that we only got to run 4 miles in the park, I hadn’t trained for the half so I was SO much slower than Shelly and Celise, They gave us the same food pack that we got in January, There didn’t seem to be very many photopass photographers, They only had coffee gu left – eww (salted caramel).

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