Things that are The Bigger Picture

The other day while I was driving with Chase I started thinking about the bigger picture. That this whole earth experience is one long waiting game. From the moment we are born we wait to die. I believe that there was a before we came to earth and there is an after once we die. So this short term waiting game for Chase and I to start a family is insignificant compared to the whole experience on earth. I think that the ultimate test of this life is patience.

If you think about it in shorter terms we waited to grow up to get our drivers license, we waited to turn 18, we waited to find the right person to be with, we waited to get married, we waited to buy a house, etc… We all have a choice with how we wait for things to happen in our lives.

For me these past few months I have been tested and tried through patience. I thought I had patience, but my patience was tested even more than I felt that I could bear. We’ve waited and are continuing to wait to bring children into this world. Chase told me in a text one day: “Do you realize that you are given trials of patience every day? Praying about it doesn’t make it come. You just don’t pay attention to it until you pray about it.”

A great video on being patient

So with all that patience we experience on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis we need to be proactive. We can’t sit back and expect things to change if we aren’t willing to work for them.

I remember the parable that Jesus talks about in the New Testament. The one about the talents in Matthew 25. If you remember, a master gave 3 of his servants talents (money). One servant received 5, another received 2 and the last servant received 1 talents. What did they do with the talents? The servant who had 5, worked hard and gained 5 more; the servant who got 2, worked hard and gained 4 more; but the servant who received 1 talent hid his and did not gain any more. The master came back and told the two that had gained talents that they were faithful servants and since they were faithful over a few things he would make them ruler over many things. For the servant that hid his talent (because he was afraid) the master called him a slothful (lazy) servant and took his talent from him.

With that servant who buried his talents, he wasn’t being proactive while waiting for his master’s return. That servant was scared and didn’t work to try and double his talents. What I learned while reading this parable is that we can’t just sit back and do nothing while we are given the chance (talents) to be patient. While we are in the midst of being patient we need to be productive. I have a few friends who have felt that need to wait for a miracle, but they aren’t just sitting around doing nothing. They are staying positive, being proactive with building their relationships with their spouse, trying to stay fit and healthy, and drawing closer to God by studying the scriptures and attending church meetings.

Mine and Chase’s way to be productive in our time of waiting is getting out of debt, strengthening our relationship and focusing on serving others – because that ultimately is what will make us happy.


What are you doing in your time of waiting?

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