I’m Two! Happy Blogiversary!

I’m amazed that this year has already passed. There has been so much goodness, learning and so much sorrow and heartache this year. We’ve gone through 2 IVF cycles, I ran my second marathon, gone on a lot of hikes, ran two half marathons for the year, and saved up $14,000 in 4 months.

Here are the posts that were read the most this past year of blogging:

Things that are Starting In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Things that are Supplements/Medications Taken Before IVF Cycle

Things that are Starting IVF: Bring on the Injections

Things that are Starting IVF: Egg Retrieval

Things that are Starting IVF: Embryo Transfer

Things That Got Me Into Running

Things That are Starting IVF: Having Strength to Move Forward

Things that are Trials and “Why did this happen to me?”

Things that are Our IVF Journey Take Two

Things that are National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW): April 24-30

Things that are MY Infertilty Journey

Things that are A Fertility Fundraiser

Things that are Paying for IVF Number Two With Cash

Things that are Cheap Meals

Things that are IVF Take 2: Injections, & Egg Retrieval

Things that are Disheartening Doctor News

I also opened up a shirt shop (will add more shirts as time passes) here on my site and have a cute infertility shirt in there: “Keep Calm and Pineapple On.”

Chase and I have been so blessed to be able to share our infertility journey with you. While at times, it has not been easy I have felt so strongly to share our story. I felt that those already battling infertility needed somewhere they could turn to and read about others struggles, and that is what this year has been. A year of sharing our heartache, so that others may be lifted and blessed.

Thank you all for sharing in our journey!

Don’t forget “Keep Calm and Pineapple On” shirt is on sale for $17 with free shipping all through December.


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