Memorial Day 10k-5k-1 mile Race Recap 2017

I had completely forgotten about this race and I was reading through previous race recaps and remembered that I had ran this race before. You can read my previous race recaps here and here. I went online and sure enough it was free again and they were still putting it on this year too! YESS!

I asked Chase if he wanted to join me in the 5k and he said yes. I then got my friend Alli on board and she said since her hubby had been running he may want to do it too. I thought it would be a fun family thing to do.

The night before the race I slept horrible. I’m not sure if it was nerves or what. I mean I wasn’t going to be running the entire thing, it was a free race, and so what if we happened to miss it or sleep in?!

We got up, got dressed, fed our dogs, I had a glass of chocolate milk and a banana. Then we headed out.

Since I was 36 weeks pregnant I wasn’t expecting a PR. The only goal in mind was to finish under an hour. We were also pushing my friend’s son in our jogging stroller.


We started towards the back of the pack and it took us a few minutes to get through the start.

The first mile or two my calves were burning. I haven’t been walking/running in my altra’s so my feet/calves weren’t used to them. I have noticed my center of gravity has changed, so I’m sure that is another reason they were hurting.

Once I stopped focusing on my calves the race was more enjoyable.

At the point where the 10kers were meeting with the 5k group I wanted to start running with them and finish the race. It seemed like my heart was in it, but my body physically wasn’t able to keep up with them.

After race photo



Chase and I ran into the finish at 52:11. What I thought was my longest 5k, but running the Dopey Challenge last year I ran a 5k in 1:01:52.  So no not my longest.

Pros: The race is free. You can purchase a shirt and a timing chip if you felt you wanted to be fast. Though there weren’t any prizes awarded. The race supports our local Central Utah Veterans Home. They also had bananas and water bottles after the race. There were other fun things for the family to do after the race.
Cons: Because it was a free race you had to go off of your own watch/clock. I was surprised at how many people were there. Lots of strollers too (ours included).

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