Fitness Weekly Wrap Up Week #1

I’m going to be doing a weekly wrap up of my fitness journey post pregnancy. In the past (this blog is really for me and sometimes for you… 😉) I have really enjoyed recapping my training. This time I am planning on including more details on my training than what I did last time. Feel free to follow along each week as I’m hoping this helps me stay accountable. I don’t have a gym membership anymore (it ended the end of June) so I’m going to be logging more at home stuff to do. Which will be more effort on my part, but I’m willing to do it.

Monday: I can’t remember what I did.

Tuesday: Nothing that I can recall.

Wednesday: I ran/walked 1.8 miles. It took me 44 minutes. I also did 10 sumo squats, and 10 reverse lunges (L+R) when I got back home.

Thursday: Went for a walk around our neighborhood with our dogs.

Friday: I did tried this workout from that Megan shared a while ago. She posts great workouts on her Instagram account. I only managed to do 3 of them before my knees started hurting. I did make sure to stretch really good afterwards, so hopefully that will help my knee feel better.

Saturday: I ran a 3.0 mile loop from my house in 41:16. I was feeling pretty good when I started aside from the temperature outside. I walked .5km (that’s what my watch was set on for some reason) and then started running. My goal was to run and be uncomfortably comfortable. I still did a run/walk based on how I was feeling. When I was running my pace was under 10:00/mile, but my average with the walking was 13:24.


I’m looking to build a base with my old 11-12/mile pace and then try and get a bit faster. I will probably include some speed sessions in the coming weeks. That was my weakness before pregnancy, and I’m going to try and be better at getting more of them in.

Sunday: Rest Day!!

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