Things that are Addicts II Athletes 5k Race Recap 2017

I ran this race 2 years ago along as I was in the 2 weeks of tapering leading up to running my first marathon. I ran the 10k portion. This year, they did not have a 10k option, only a 5k. I somehow convinced Chase to run it, though he said I asked him if he wanted to come with me, which I guess doesn’t mean actually run it. Anyways he still ran… even though he hated it.

The race started at 9:00 am, and was about a 20 minute drive for us.

We got there with a few minutes to spare. They had a moment of silence for all friends/family/loved ones who have lost their battle with addiction. Then let white balloons fly for each person that has lost their battle. I haven’t lost anyone due to addiction, but I was thinking of a cousin who has struggled with addiction and prayed that he would stay clean and not fall back.


The race was in Salem, in and around Salem Pond. While running Chase decided that we need to take our boat there next year.

We ran across 2 bridges, and up 4 or 5 hills (I lost count).

We finished in 39:19 and our average pace was 12:31 per mile.



Pros: Free race (donations accepted), Supporting a great cause, Weather was great, Great enthusiastic volunteers (which you gotta have lots of them).

Cons: A little hilly, Had to run over 1 wooden bridge (while I was holding my phone in my hand..), Not timed – so I had to go off of my watch.

Overall it was a great race, and I love supporting other nonprofits that are helping families overcome addiction. You can find out more about them here.


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  1. Amanda Goe

    September 12, 2017 at 10:48 pm

    Great pictures! LOL, love the picture of the sweaty shirt, I lost count of how many hills

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